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What should an e-commerce website include

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An e-commerce website provides several benefits but it gives number of challenges to the owner of the tat business.Since these sorts of websites are meant to sell products online, the complexities they face are also distinct from traditional websites. To ensure a perfect e-business solution all you need to see across a few factors :

  1. A simple user friendly Navigation : Navigation is a important aspect of any website. In a e-commerce website it is important to give your user a simple navigation path to allow them reach their favorite product without hassles.                                                                             
  2. Design that complements the product : An e-commerce website serves the primary purpose of letting buyers purchase their intended products. If the design of the website is vibrant and more appealing than it should be, it may deviate buyers from buying to browsing                                                                                                                                          
  3. Easy Checkout : The over all success of an e-commerce website services depends on the user experience it offers to the end users. because the user has spent a lot of time to selecting and comparing  the product and adding the product on the cart. so the check out process should be easy and simple.                                                                                                                      
  4. Product images should be attractive : The images of products should be clean and attractive on the landing page as it will simplify their buying decision further. because selling products online is entirely different from selling it on physical locations. Physically a buyer can touch, feel and measure the product before actual purchase.    

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  1. Nice article ,,

    Can you suggest some security features for Ecommerce websites ???

  2. i will do in next article... will be posted in some days....

  3. Nice posting , thanks for introduce about e-commerce.

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