Friday, 31 October 2014

Metal build Samsung A3 and A5 launched

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Samsung launched two handsets with a premium design as it prepared to deliver opposite to its low-priced Chinese rivals and reclaim its title as the top brand in the world's biggest smartphone market.

They will be Samsung's first devices to feature fully metallic bodies and its thinnest smartphones to date. 

GALAXY A3 Specifications :

Display : 4.50-inch

Processor : 1.2GHz
Front Camera :  5-megapixel
Resolution :  540x960 pixels
OS : Android 4.4
Storage : 16GB
Rear Camera : 8-megapixel
Battery capacity : 1900mAh

GALAXY A5 Specifications :

Display : 5.00-inch

Processor : 1.2GHz
Front Camera : 5-megapixel
Resolution : 720x1280 pixels
OS :Android 4.4
Storage : 16GB
Rear Camera : 13-megapixel
Battery capacity : 2300mAh

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

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Today i am here with the answer-sheet of yesterday's test that is "PHP interview questions to solve" for PHP Developers.. check your skills and prepare for interviews...
 Web development company in indore

There are more then 150 Questions with answer-sheets for PHP developers to inprove their web development skills using PHP. 
For Questions CLICK HERE : PHP Interview Questions to Solve

Que.1                                         D
Que.2                                         B
Que.3                                         D
Que.4                                         D
Que.5                                         A

         Website security using PHP

Que.1                                         A
Que.2                                         C
Que.3                                         B
Que.4                                         A
Que.5                                         C

            File system and PHP

Que.1                                       B
Que.2                                       C
Que.3                                       A
Que.4                                       B
Que.5                                       A

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

web development company in indoreHello Everyone..!!!
This morning i am here with some technical PHP interview questions for PHP developers to improve their web development skills. Solve these questions and prepare for interviews.

PHP Questions :


Questions Based on Functions :

Que.1 What will be the output of the following PHP code? 

  1.     echo str_pad("Salad", 5)." is good.";
  2. ?>
a) SaladSaladSaladSaladSalad is good
b) is good SaladSaladSaladSaladSalad
c) is good Salad
d) Salad is good

Que.2  What will be the output of the following PHP code ? 

  1.     function TV($string)
  2.     {
  3.         echo "my favourite TV show is ".$string;
  4.         function b()
  5.         {
  6.             echo " I am here to spoil this code";
  7.         }
  8.     }
  9.     b();
  10. ?>
a) I am here to spoil this code
b) Error
c) my favourite TV show isI am here to spoil this code
d) None of the above

Que.3  What will be the output of the following PHP code ?

function uppercase($string)


echo ucwords($string);


$wow = "uppercase";

$wow("Time to live king size");


b) Time to live king size
c) uppercase
d) Time To Live King Size

Que.4 What will be the output of the following PHP code? 

  1.     echo ucwords("i love my country");
  2. ?>
a) I love my country
b) i love my Country
c) I love my Country
d) I Love My Country

Que.5 What will be the output of the following PHP code? 

  1.     echo hex2bin("48656c6c6f20576f726c6421");
  2. ?>
a) Hello World!
b) welcome to india
c) This is PHP!
d) MCQ questons

Questions Based on Website security using PHP


Que.1 Which Apache directive outputs Apache’s server version, server name, port and compile-in modules?

a) ServerSignature
b) ServerName
c) ServerDetails
d) ServerInfo

Que.2  Which directive determines which degree of server details is provided if the ServerSignature directive is enabled?

a) ServerAddons
b) ServerExtra
c) ServerTokens
d) ServerDetails

Que.3 Which directive should we disable to obscure the fact that PHP is being used on our server?

a) show_php
b) expose_php
c) print_php
d) info_php

Que.4 Say I want to change the extension of a PHP file, which of the following statements should I edit to change from .php to .html in the httpd.conf file?

a) AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
b) AddType application/x-httpd-php .asp
c) AddType application/x-httpd-asp .php
d) AddType application/x-httpd-asp .asp

Que.5 The developers of PHP deprecated the safe mode feature as of which PHP version.

a) PHP 5.1.0
b) PHP 5.2.0
c) PHP 5.3.0
d) PHP 5.3.1

Questions Based on File system and PHP

Que.1 The filesize() function returns the file size in ___.

a) bits
b) bytes
c) kilobytes
d) gigabytes

2. Which one of the following PHP function is used to determine a file’s last access time?

a) fileltime()
b) filectime()
c) fileatime()
d) filetime()

3. Which one of the following function is capable of reading a file into an array?

a) file()
b) arrfile()
c) arr_file()
d) file_arr()

4. Which one of the following function is capable of reading a file into a string variable?

a) file_contents()
b) file_get_contents()
c) file_content()
d) file_get_content()

5. Which one of the following function is capable of reading a specific number of characters form a file?

a) fgets()
b) fget()
c) fileget()
d) filegets()

Answersheet of these Questions will be available Tomorrow
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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Things You Can Do Only on Android

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Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) are two major operating systems of Mobile Application Development. In many ways iOS is starting to resemble like Android, with like extensions and third-party keyboards, while Android is looking to close the gap on iOS in terms of design with the new Material Design philosophy.
But still There are some things you can do on android only.

Things You Can Do Only on Android
1. Smarten up your home screen :

 How customisable a latter is, it is one of the big difference between ios and android. You can install a launcher that replaces your home screen, and there are a number of different reasons to do this too. An app like NOVA Launcher lets you customise almost all the elements of your home screen, such as the size of the grid, the number of icons in the dock, adding widgets to the dock and much more.

2. Automate everything :

On the iPhone, you can install IFTTT and automate some of the functions on your phone. It's pretty neat but limited. If you want to do more though, then you should check out Android apps like Tasker and Llama. Tasker  (paid app), Llama (free) - both are powerful automation tools. You can set up a geofence to turn your phone's Wi-Fi on when you're near your home or office, and keep it off the rest of the time to conserve battery. And you could disable the password when your phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi, for easy access, but re-enable it when you're outdoors, so your phone is never unlocked when you're not at home. Give it access to your calendar and you can have it keep quiet in meetings, and using your location it can automatically go silent when you're inside a cinema hall.

3. Make calls easier :
Calling someone from an iPhone still means either searching through your contacts, or dialling a number from memory. Android phone makers usually put their own diallers which have different features, but you can also turn to apps like Dialer+ and Ready contact list to add functionality. With Dialer+, for example, you get a T9 dialer so you can use the same keypad to either enter a contact's name or phone number, and it searches your contacts and shows matches while you dial.

4.  Download Torrents :

There are a lot of different legal torrents available, through which you can download software or free media. Downloading these torrents on an iPhone isn't possible though - you'll have to use a workaround such as using a webapp or Dropbox to trigger your desktop torrent software via a 'watch' folder. If you're an Android user though, the download can take place right on your phone, with the official BitTorrent App on Google Play. The popular movie torrent service Popcorn Time is also available for Android users.

 5.  Manage files :
With iOS 8, Apple introduced iCloud Drive, that lets apps share files with each other. But there's still no way to browse the files stored on your local device. On Android, using the default file manager can be fairly confusing, but thanks to apps like ES File Explorer you can find everything with a simple swipe. ES File Explorer is our favourite file management app, and aside from the basic functions of browsing and editing the contents of your storage, it also lets you see all the media or documents in one place, making it easy to keep track of your data.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Google to launch a mobile messaging app in 2015

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Here is a big news about mobile application development...

As we all know that google has lost whatsapp to facebook in a multibillion dollar acquisition bid. Now google is planning to launch its own mobile messaging app which google is likely to test in India and other emerging markets. Google sent Nikhyl Singhal ( Top product manager ) to india to do a research of the messaging app ecosystem in the country as the company looks to catch up on an opportunity it lost to others. Singhal, who is a product management director for Hangouts, Photos, Google+ core & Platform, is also touring other countries in Asia Pacific to understand local ecosystems better.

The Google messenger is in early stages of development and is likely to be launched in 2015.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

1. Set objectives :

  Just like when you market your app, set objectives and goals before you begin. What do you hope to achieve by implementing these techniques? Do you want your retention levels or engagement to increase or do you want to build a viral loop?
Don’t integrate gamification just because it’s a tactic used by other apps and games. The successful ones have a well thought-out plan and a compelling reason to build it in.

2. Add value :

With your gamification technique, people should feel like they’ve accomplished something special or difficult, they outdid themselves or others or they learned something really awesome.

3. Ingrained in the ecosystem : 

  Rewards and leaderboards don’t work for all types of apps. With your objectives in mind, you must figure out what suits your app best. Build techniques that are well ingrained in the ecosystem of your app to keep a seamless experience.
Depending on the type of app and current user behavior, gamify those parts that allows for user acquisition, engagement, behavior modification and management, commerce or loyalty.

4. Keep it simple :

  I’ve seen many apps that had a good core offering, but the moment they started to gamify, the experience became too complicated. Gamification can be overwhelming for the developer with many parts to handle at the backend, but don’t make it difficult for your users. After all, these are your most engaged users already, you don’t want to put a fork in their experience going forward.
Rather, you want to make it really simple for them to engage further with your gamification techniques. Provided that you are already maintaining some user score, you can gradually unlock features based on the score or level. This approach allows you to keep the first experience simple and gradually add more value later on.

5. Build sharing loops :
Gamifying alone won’t help much unless your users get to flaunt their achievements. And in turn, that flaunting will help in customer acquisition for your app as well. So by all means, build loops into your implementation that enables your users to share their achievements on their social-media networks.

6. Quick rewards :

  It’s natural to assume that a big reward at the end of the complete experience will drive users to be engaged. However, the truth is that users are engaged far more if you break that one big reward into smaller bits that are doled out more frequently at certain milestones. This will give your users a sense of achievement, making them more likely to stay engaged.

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Common Traits of the Biggest Apps

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1. Solve a problem :

Every successful app you see in the app store solves a problem. The app solves it so well that those customers cannot imagine going about their lives doing the same things without the app.

Ask before starting, is this a problem worth solving? Is it really that big a pain point of the customer? What are the other current options available to your user? What is lacking in those solutions?
Answers to these questions will help you make a better app that will resonate with your users.
For example, Whatsapp, which did very little marketing but grew a huge audience (we all know about the $19 billion Facebook deal, unless you live in a cave) by solving such an intrinsic problem that mobile phone users had.
While BlackBerry’s BBM messenger helped BlackBerry users to message each other without having to pay separate messaging charges, Whatsapp allowed those same users now to message their friends and extended network with other phone brands such as Android or iPhone, with the same benefit of no messaging charges.

2. Easy to use :

Have you realized how easy it is to navigate the apps that you use on a regular basis? Successful apps are the easiest to use with the simplest of navigation.
The interfaces are not confusing, the app doesn’t require you to go through a tutorial on how to use it and actually simplifies the way you currently do those tasks.
Invest in building a fantastic user experience (UX) that even a two year old can pick up and interact with. Even if the graphics are not world class, as long as you create something that is functional and extremely simple to use, you’ve got a winner.
GolfLogix, potentially the number-one golf app, doesn’t really give you the most beautiful-looking interface (there are better looking golf apps), but it is highly functional and very easy to navigate and use.

3. Not cross platform :

I’ve come across many entrepreneurs and businesses wanting to build a cross-platform app, and the underlying reason is cost savings.
My simple response to them, and to you, is, can you name a single successful consumer app that is cross-platform that you use regularly? I can't identify one.
There is a reason why successful apps are completely native and built for that particular platform. That is because it enables them to harness the full power of the platform and the operating system along with the phone features.
You simply cannot deliver a world-class experience by taking shortcuts in developing it.

4. Commitment to iterate/update frequently :

No successful app made it big on day one. They also did not look like what they do now. Every successful app started with a set of features and has evolved over time to add, enhance or make changes. Some have completely pivoted.
To give you an example, Instagram was a whole different app (Burbn) and so was Whatsapp (it originally started out as a status update app).
Your app is just not going to be perfect when you first put it up on the app store. As much as you believe it to be, you will get customer feedback and comments or an analysis of their behavior (if you’ve well integrated analytics into the app).
Apps are not a one-time product development. To be successful, you have to stay committed and take feedback from your customers and constantly iterate and continue to offer a better solution.

5. Strong support. 

“Customer support is the very rare opportunity to connect to your customers on an emotional level. You can’t do that in any other way,” said Leo Widrich, co-founder of buffer sponse rate, almost within the hour of an issue being reported.

Gary Vaynerchuk has said, “I genuinely believe that any business can create a competitive advantage through giving outstanding customer care.”

6. It is a business :

The fundamentals of building an app or a business are the same. In fact, an app is a business -- if you treat it like one, you will go far and wide and make money along the way.

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Friday, 24 October 2014

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mobile application development in indore

This morning i am here with the answer-sheet of yesterday's test that is "PHP  technical interview questions-2" for PHP Developers.. check your skills and prepare for technical interviews...

There are more then 150 Questions with answer-sheets for PHP developers to inprove their web development skills using PHP. 

For Questions GO HERE : PHP Technical  interview Questions-2
                    Object tools
Que.1                                          C
Que.2                                          A
Que.3                                          B
Que.4                                          D
Que.5                                          C

      Introduction to Preg in php

Que.1                                         D
Que.2                                         B
Que.3                                         A
Que.4                                         C
Que.5                                         A

                Image uploading

Que.1                                        D
Que.2                                        C
Que.3                                        A
Que.4                                        B
Que.5                                        C

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Multiple Choice PHP Technical interview Questions :

Questions based on object tools :

1. Which function was introduced to help automate the inclusion of class files?

a) __load()
b) __preload()
c) __autoload()
d) __inload()

2. How many times can you define __autoload in a process?

a) once
b) twice
c) thrice
d) as many times as needed

3. Which one of the following functions will you use to check that the class exists before you work with it?

a) class_exist()
b) class_exists()
c) exist()
d) exists_class()

4. Which one of the following will you use to check the class of an object?

a) class()

b) _class()
c) class_check()
d) get_class()

5. PHP 4 did not support instanceof. Instead, which function did it provide?

a) is()
b) get_class()
c) is_a()
d) is_the()

Introduction to Preg in PHP

1. Which one of the following statements should be used to include a file?

a) #include ‘filename’;
b) include ‘filename’;
c) @include ‘filename’;
d) #include ;

2. Which one of the following methods is responsible for sending the query to the database?

a) query()
b) send_query()
c) sendquery()
d) query_send()

3. Which one of the following methods recuperates any memory consumed by a result set?

a) destroy()
b) remover()
c) alloc()
d) free()

4. Which of the methods are used to manage result sets using both associative and indexed arrays?

a) get_array() and get_row()
b) get_array() and get_column()
c) fetch_array() and fetch_row()
d) fetch_array() and fetch_column()

5. Which one of the following method is used to retrieve the number of rows affected by an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE query?

a) num_rows()
b) affected_rows()
c) changed_rows()
d) new_rows()
View Answer

Image uploading

1. Before you can start processing images with PHP, you must first add the ability to upload images to your administrative form on ___.

a) .htaccess
c) index.php
d) admin.php

2. When you’re uploading files you need to set the enctype of the form to ___.

a) text
b) text/file
c) multipart/form-data
d) multimedia/form-data

3. To check whether a file was uploaded, you look in the ___ superglobal array.

a) $_FILES
b) $_DOCS

4. To make the ImageHandler class portable you should create a separate file for it called ___.


5. DocBlocks are indicated by opening a comment using ___.

a) /*
b) //*
c) /**
d) /*/

Answersheet of these Questions will be available Tomorrow
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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mobile application development in indore

Mobile Application development is in-going thing  in IT industry now a days. Every developer wants to store their apps at apple app store. "Why Apple Reject your App". Apple recently released the Top 10 Reasons for rejecting apps in the seven-day perio. have a look... and avoid these things.

Reasons for mobile app rejection :

1.Fill every detail :

Fourteen percent of the apps were rejected by Apple due to insufficient information in the application to the App Store. Make sure you elaborate on all the features that are part of your app. Not just that, but also spell out specific instructions if your app is supposed to be used in a certain manner. You could also provide a demo video if the installation or configuration is complex or requires hardware to be paired with.

2. Squash that very last bug :

Did you do rigorous testing of your app? Believe it or not, if Apple encounters a bug in your app, it’s bound to be rejected. Eight percent of the apps were rejected for this reason. The best way to make sure your app is free of bugs and crashes across devices is to sign on a few beta testers.Betalist can get you started. The feedback from a different set of users on different devices will help you not just fix bugs, but build a better product.

3. Comply with all terms in the developer agreement :

 Read the Developer Program License Agreement thoroughly even before you begin the development of your app. This will make sure you comply with all the guidelines laid down by Apple. You will find this in iTunes Connect under Contracts, Tax and Banking. Also read through Apple's Review Guidelines to steer clear of issues as you develop your app and to help speed up the review process.

4. Focus on UI/UX

Apple lays a strong emphasis on building apps that are simple to use and navigate and are appealing to the eye. In fact, apps with a fantastic user interface also make it to the featured list on the App Store. You should want users to have a great experience with your app anyway.
Don’t make a complex app with complex navigation -- it could just be the reason why your app was rejected. Read through Apple’sDesign guides and UI design dos and don't  before you start building.

5. Relevant meta data :

Your app’s name, its description and the screenshots should match its content and functionality. Don’t go overboard on the creative process of making screenshots that stand out. Rather, provide screenshots from your app with a layover of simple text to explain the screen.

6. Don’t game users or App Store :

 Do not try to portray your application as something that it is not. Many entrepreneurs do this to piggyback on the success of another app by creating similar looking icons, names that closely match successful apps or even replicate the design of others. Apple can easily see through this, so make sure your app performs as advertised.

7. Pay careful attention to the name :

After all, your app will be recognized by its name. Four percent of apps have been rejected because the name in iTunes Connect and that on the device do not match. Also, the app name on the device has a character restriction (otherwise, it gets cut short), so pick out the keywords from your iTunes Connect app name to place here. For example, if the app name is Positive Energy Guided Meditation, the app name on the device could be Energy or Positive Energy.

8. Remove placeholders :

Believe it or not, but an alarming 4 percent of entrepreneurs still submit their app with placeholder images or text while building a beta version. If your app was rejected, run through all screens of the app to make sure there is no placeholder images or text (example, lorem ipsum).

9. Give appropriate ratings :

  Don’t shy away from giving the right rating for your app. Apple has laid strict guidelines on ratings to ensure only the appropriate apps are experienced by the right age group. Apps that are based on social networking should be especially careful.

10. Don’t submit a beta :

 Apps that are for demo, trial or test purposes or are in the beta stage do not get accepted by Apple. The app has to be complete and fully functional.
These are the top 10 reasons why Apple rejects apps, but apart from these, do not submit similar apps repeatedly and make sure your app offers enough value to the users and is not just a replica of your website without any core functionality of iOS.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

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mobile application development in indore

Today i am here with one of the most important thing of mobile application development that is tools to develop mobile applications. You cannot build a mobile app in isolation using just the native developer kit. It requires that you have the right tools to deliver efficiently on every aspect of its life cycle.

Tools For Building Mobile Apps : 

This tool allows you complete user flow and navigation with interactive elements such as gestures and touch events to create a full mobile app experience without codind.

InVision : 

yet again a tool allows you to create fully interactive apps prototype and also allows you to interact with your team members through a collaborative framework.

POP : 

If you start with sketching on notpad, this tool transform your sketch ideas into a prototype. you can import your sketch into an app by taking a picture.

Amazon A/B testing :

It is a free,scalable tool for creating and running in-app experiments.Check out "Air Patriots' case studty" on how it improved its retention using the Amazon tool.

Heatmaps :

This tool highlights the hottest areas on your mobile app, and allows you to track gestures, device orientation, user flows (navigation) and engagement.

6. Parse :

You may have seen parse recently in facebook. One of the most popular apps using Parse is Instagram. It gives you a great deal of flexibility along with a very easy to use iOS and Android developer kit that automatically takes care of synchronizing your app’s data with its cloud database.

Which tools do you recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!
 Mobile app development company in indore

As you all know mobile application development is a big industry today. In this industry since android OS comes in existence it had revolutionised Smartphone market as well as the Tablet PC segment. Android app development has taken huge leaps in app programming arena.

But the reality of app market is most of the mobile applications fails after a period of time. and when they fails it shows that something is wrong.

Ideally an mobile application should have these ingredients for success.

1. A great Idea : 

Unless You have a great and unique idea on which you are confident enough to experiment with don't go into to process of mobile app development. Making some changes in competitor's app and releasing will not be successful today as people has unlimited choices.

2. Robust Programming Codes : 

Once you have a great idea, the next step is to deploy the best resources you have in hand to develop an app (expert programmers and software tools). The programming codes should not be in the hand of  inexperienced panel that suffer the end product.

3. A free version :

Do not develop an app to make money from all possible ways. If you release a New app in Premium version then only a few People bye it. because 90% people never pay for newly releases premium apps. unless they does not see what it does for free. So it is essential that you offer a free version that is either ad-supported or a trial version that has limited yet convincing features of the actual app.

4. Ad-free Version :

Maintaining an ad-free version of your app is a good idea Because you can charge a download for free.  Chances of People  will invest in the premium Ad-Free version are very good when people find that your app is perfect to use from its free version that is ad-supported

5. Consistency : 

Make sure that your mobile applications does not suffers from common consistency issues. Ideally you should have a list of devices in mind they would most probably deployed by consumers and ensure that no freezes or crashes does not occur in your application when it reach in hands of end-users.

6. Specific utilities : 

It is better to create an app that focuses specifically on a single utility then doing 10 things on an average performance basis. provide a single functionality but as perfect as possible.

7. Design and Interface :

Now a days people are looking for apps which are great in looks and solid in performance so if your app has great functionality and utility but have a shady look it may loose out. for the success of your app design and interface plays an important role.

8. Usability :

Having a great design is one thing and people can find out their way throughout the app is another dimention. keep kin mind lesser the clicks better will be the usability. Users should never be left to think for too long before they find the option they need to use in your app.

9. Choice of platform :

This really depends on the market share that various Smartphone OS’s have at the moment. Whether you choose Native Apps development platforms or modern platforms like HTML 5, make sure your app has cross platform compatibility and that too consistently.

10. Branding and marketing :

A catchy name, a witty tagline and an imposing icon are essential for making the app arrive with a bang in the numerous app stores available today.

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!
mobile application development in indore

Android applications are a major part of Mobile Application Development. You can't just start writing android apps  if you don't know java. First you learn the language(java) then after alot of practice you start to catch on to the grammar(syntax) and start to make connections and form sentences. Finally you start to see the big picture of the language and with time your able to write with some sense of style so you can finally write android apps.

Today i am here with the resources for Learning Java for Android....

Resources for Learning Java for Android

1. Programming Methodology- Stanford

 mobile application development in indore 

If your new to Java or development in general this is a priceless web to learn from. Mehran Sahami puts real work into his lessons and does all he can to make java more interesting than it really is.

2. MobileTutsPlus-Learning Java For Android

mobile application development in indore

If you have development experience in another language and just need a crash course in the java for android this is the tutorial series for you.

3.The Java Trails-A Reliable Foundation

mobile application development in indore

Java trails aim to be the master resource for learning java by oracle(the company that owns java) Thinking back what really stuck to me from these tutorials was a overall understanding of OOP.

4.Head First Java :

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Head first is a unique book series that accounts for the way the human brain learns best. The books are easy to read and packed with humor, pictures and analogy's that make sense to those of us who don't think in 1's and 0's naturally.

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Hello Everyone...!!!

Questions for PHP interview, Questions and answers to prepare for PHP developer, multiple choice questions for PHP technical interview, This morning i am here with the answer-sheet of yesterday's test that is "PHP  technical interview questions" for PHP Developers.. check your skills and prepare for technical interviews...

There are more then 150 Questions with answer-sheets for PHP developers to inprove their web development skills using PHP.

For Questions Click Here : PHP technical interview questions
                        Que.1                          B
                        Que.2                          B
                        Que.3                          A
                        Que.4                          B
                        Que.5                          C


                       Que.1                          A
                       Que.2                          C
                       Que.3                          A
                       Que.4                          B
                       Que.5                          D
                      Uploading files with PHP
                     Que.1                           C
                     Que.2                           B
                     Que.3                           C
                     Que.4                           D
                     Que.5                           D

Want more Questions....??? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW

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