Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Custom SEO ServicesThere are two factors that plays Important role to optimize a website or blog posts.  These two factors are Onpage and Offpage optimization. Today’s article is all about  On page optimization.

Here are some On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On First Page of search engine.

On- Page SEO Techniques :

1. Keyword in Title
2. Keyword in Permalink
3. Keyword in first paragraph
4. Keyword in Image Alt tag
5. Tweaked Keyword in H2 or H3
6. Bold Important Keywords and related keywords
7. Italics 1-2 important Keywords
8. Outbound Link to relevant high-quality sites
9. Internal links to related articles
10. Remove all stop words from Permalink
11. Add multi-media (Video, Slides, Inforgraphic)
12. Longer the content length, better it is. Minimum: 700 words
13. Reduce Page loading time

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Other things:

1. Use Meta title,  less than 65 character
2. Use Meta description, less than 150 characters.
3. If using any Social SEO plugin, make sure to add image for Facebook, Twitter. (Take advantage of social graph)
4. Make sure to have social sharing buttons at the end of post or floating social sharing buttons.
5. Have related posts after blog posts to lower down bounce rate. 

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Things not to do: 


1.Not more than 1 H1 tag (Your Post title is H1 tag)
2. Don’t repeat H2 and H3 Tag
3. Don’t increase Keyword density by more than 1.25%

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Monday, 30 March 2015

A Preview of WinJS 4.0 for Windows App and web development

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 Custom web develpment companyRecently, preview tools for developers were finally released for Windows 10. Now With WinHEC behind it, and a mountain of information out in the atmosphere, Microsoft seems all set to push the app development train full steam ahead. Developers were also given more details on how Windows Apps will work across devices. Most importantly, Microsoft has finally nailed down a sensible naming convention for their apps, (because the name of apps in the store is what held developers back. Wink. Wink).  

We are starting to see some movement on Microsoft’s promised future for Windows Slowly but surely. In the last few weeks, the company has been on a tear, dotting their “i’s”  and crossing their “t’s”. That trend continues with the Windows team releasing a preview of (WinJS 4.0). Eager JavaScript developers can get their hands on the preview through GitHub and Microsoft is encouraging those with any issues or feedback to file their request through GitHub as well.
In the previous release of WinJS 3.0, the Windows team focused on browser compatibility. but In this preview, Microsoft is offering the Windows Library for JavaScript 4.0.  However in this preview, the team would like to set the framework for making Windows apps, as well as apps for the web. Much of the preview was a result of the community feedback the Windows team received in critical areas like:
  • Enabling universal experiences – Your customers desire apps that work wherever they do: phones, tablets, PCs, or even the living room TV. Device form factors are constantly evolving to meet people’s needs: users now plug keyboards into tablets to get work done, connect phones to televisions to sit back and browse content, and so forth. WinJS controls make it easy to create responsive apps that not only work across all screen sizes, but with all input methods as well. WinJS controls help you tailor your experience to each device and form factor, so you can focus on making your app great.

  • Playing well with others – WinJS is designed for interoperability. We believe you should use WinJS and your favorite JS frameworks together, whatever they may be. The AngularJS – WinJS wrapper we now provide allows you to use WinJS seamlessly in your Angular projects.

  • Industrial strength ListView- WinJS bolsters your app development with best-in-class controls that don’t cut corners. Our ListView implementation has native performance and supports an extensive set of app scenarios. We’ve continued to add value with new  features like striping, headers and footers, and improved selection.
Some noteworthy adjustments are new Universal Controls. The Windows team have added key controls that shortcut the traditional developing work for adaptive app resizing based on form factor or screen size. They claim this should cut down the work time as well as help app developers deliver a more compelling ‘universal’ experience.

Another is the WinJS flexibility, in regards to SplitView, Toolbar and Listviews in apps. The new WinJS SplitView control allow you to achieve this app behavior and style quickly. 

 Windows team says :

"The flexibility and features of this control allow your app to adapt its configuration quickly to the current size of the screen, supporting phones, tablets, PCs, and everything in between, "

Microsoft is looking to have a full-featured release of WinJS 4.0 out later this year. The Windows team is looking forward to having an open source JavaScript library that benefits web developers on any platform.

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

On April 21, Google will start revealing an mobile-friendly algorithm update worldwide that will have a “significant impact” on mobile search results for mobile searchers.This algorithm update is big news. But how will it impact your ecommerce performance?

Naturally, the top questions in minds of ecommerce marketers revolve around how the update will affect sales. 

Does This Update Affect All Sites?


That totally depends  on whether your website passes the mobile-friendly website test on April 21 or not. Head to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and enter a URL. In about 1 minute, this tool will give you a definitive and easy-to-understand pass-fail response like the one shown below.

Mobile test results for two sites: a passing site on the left and a failing site on the right.

The result page of test will also specify reasons that why the page has been deemed unfriendly, such as small text, link spacing, horizontal scrolling, and other mobile usability issues.

How Does Google’s Mobile-friendly Update Affect Ecommerce Website Performance?


A positive test result Will benefit your ecommerce site from the mobile-friendly algorithm update. At the very least, your site should retain its mobile rankings. And quite possible the site rank higher if it passes the result. this algorithm update is all upside for organic search performance.
                        A negative test result means that your site will not benefit from the update, and that competitors’ sites that are mobile friendly could push your site down in the rankings.

This algorithm update is bad news for sites that Google does not see as mobile friendly. But how bad?

Google is calling the update “significant,” which is a big deal for Google. Other similarly labeled updates include the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates of the past few years. The amount of emphasis that the Google Webmaster team is putting on education around this update highlights further the expected impact.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

At F8 developer conference this week, Most of Facebook’s announcements were iOS-centric, but today, the company also released three new open source tools for Android developers.

1. Year Class

This is performance segmentation library  that is intended to help developers rapidly figure out what kind of device a user is running. Because of that,  a developer can quickly tune an app for an older device by turning on some advanced animations  or enable fancier features for more modern phones.

2. Network Connection Class :

The Network Connection Class tool  does something similar, but for network connections.  Turns out, simply realizing that a client is on a HSPA connection doesn’t actually tell you all that much about the actual network speed. According to Facebook, the speed of HSPA connection can vary by 5x between networks.
        With the help of this new tool, developers can get a better idea of the kind of speeds their users are getting on their networks and tune their apps accordingly.

3. Fresco

Fresco is a new image library for Android apps. The idea here is to ensure that apps don’t run out of memory when they load multiple images by being smarter about memory management (those GIFs can get huge, after all) and streaming images when possible.
The system also handles basic functions like displaying placeholders and image caching. You can find the technical details about how exactly this works here.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Image result for azure

Web and mobile app developmentToday, Microsoft is launching Azure App, a new cloud-based service for developers. Azure is  a single service for  mobile and web applications development, combined with tools to automate business processes across cloud services, and a new service for building and consuming APIs. All of these services revolve around Microsoft’s oft- (and over-) used mantra of “mobile first, cloud first.”

All of the tools of this new package are not new. although Microsoft built App Service on top of existing tools like Azure Websites, Mobile app Services and Biztalk Services. Microsoft will migrate all existing Azure Websites users to the new package (for the same price).

Azure Mobile Services users will also migrate to the new service, but at a slower place because the move actually breaks a few existing API services (though Microsoft notes that it’ll be very easy for developers to make the necessary changes to port their applications over to the new service). For now, Azure Mobile Services and the mobile component of App Services will be available side-by-side, but over time. It’s unclear for how long Microsoft will support both services, though.

Microsoft director of the Azure Application Platform Omar Khan told :

“We believe that unifying this experience makes app development much simpler,” 

The interesting things of the two new services is probably the one for building what Microsoft calls “logic apps,” that is, applications that automate business processes across different hosted and on-premise APIs and services like Office 365, Salesforce.com, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and databases from Oracle and SAP. Developers can combine these data sources using a visual drag-and-drop builder and then use the results in their own web and mobile applications.

Microsoft is targeting both developers who are looking to build line of business apps for enterprise clients and partners, as well as those who are building consumer-facing applications.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

mobile app evelopmentWhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging service has started rolling out voice calling feature. This feature is now available to all Android users. If you are not an Android user, you'll have to wait a little longer to get this feature.

The process to  Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling isn't as simple as updating WhatsApp to start using the voice calling features. It involves a couple more steps that you need to follow. 

Here are the steps to activate voice calling feature on your android device. so take a look to enable voice calling on WhatsApp for Android.

1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android from here. The latest version on WhatsApp's website is 2.12.7, but if you're downloading from Google Play, ensure that your device has version 2.11.561. Older versions don't support this feature for all users.

2. Once you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your Android phone, ask someone who has WhatsApp calling enabled to make a WhatsApp call to your number.

3. Multiple users have reported that giving a missed call doesn't work. You'll have to receive the call and wait for a few seconds before disconnecting to activate WhatsApp voice calling.

4. When the feature is enabled on your smartphone, you'll see a new three-tab layout on WhatsApp, one each for Calls, Chats and Contacts.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Ecommerce web design company

Avoid the following issues while E-commerce website development to make a E-commerce website user friendly.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Web Development Tools for Linux by M2soft

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Web development companyThere are numerous tools to develop a website . but for beginners and those  are less skilled in web development right software tools can make all the difference. Here is a review of best web development tools from Experts of M2Soft to use in Linux...

1. Aptana Studio :

Aptana Studio is a good alternative to Dreamweaver and many similar programs found on Windows. It provides  web developers with the real-world tools required to create from a static website to fully functional web apps.  It also provides GIT integration, integrated debugger and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby authoring tools.

2. Bluefish :

Bluefish is a advanced web development tool which provide you with a great set of organizational tools to keep your workflow moving forward. you move Bluefish into the standard bar, you instantly realize that this is a powerful editor. Bluefish offers great template action for HTML, PHP and Apache, you really come away feeling like it wasn’t a wasted download.


gEdit go along with the tasks of reading, printing and editing of texts, simply and easily. It is full features software with tools such as copy, cut, paste, undo and redo, settings fonts and colors. It has all the common features of text editors. This does'nt mean that Gedit is a basic editor, with several other features like Possessing highlight setting for various programming languages ​​such as C, C + +, Java, HTML, XML, Python, Perl, etc.



Sublime Text is a code editor that supports several languages ​​like  HTML5, CSS, PHP, ASP and Python, . The software has a very clean interface, and the black background of the screen does not bother reading anything. Two of the best features of it are :

1. Multiple Selections
2. Command Palette

These features allows you to access any menu item or let you open any document in just few key strokes.



Sass is a another method to write CSS.  we have more freedom to treat the styles applied concepts of OO programming With Sass. It uses the Ruby language to interpret their .scss files / .sass or compilers installed on your system (Mac, Windows, Linux) to transform .scss / .sass on. Css.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mobile app developmentOn Tuesday HDFC Bank announced the launch of its mobile app called  Chillr, Chillr is a revolutionary new app that lets user can instantly transfer money to any contact in their phone book. HDFC has partnered with Kochi-based technology firm MobME to launch this app.

HDFC has partnered with MobME, a Kochi based technology firm to launch this app, the bank officials said.
Read more at:

HDFC has partnered with MobME, a Kochi based technology firm to launch this app, the bank officials said.

The bank officials said :

Chillr is a first of its kind application that is linked directly to the customer's bank account, so there is no need to worry about filling up a prepaid wallet, they said, adding that no passwords are stored on the phone and it can be accessed only with M-PIN known to the customer alone.

"This Chillr app will benefit various segments of people in the society. From students to young professionals, from the migrant workers in cities to customers in rural India, this app gives the convenience to send and receive money using mobile phone in secured manner," HDFC Bank Digital Banking Head Nitin Chugh told reporters in Bengaluru.
HDFC has partnered with MobME, a Kochi based technology firm to launch this app, the bank officials said.

Chillr is available exclusively for customers of HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank customer can also transfer money to your contacts having other bank accounts.

The app works on both  Android and iOS operating systems and it will soon be  launched for Windows phones as well.

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HDFC has partnered with MobME, a Kochi based technology firm to launch this app, the bank officials said.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Web design tools like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and many others are popping up all around. Some of them claims that "with the use of their website builder you will build a site within minutes." Others claim they provide all the power of Photoshop plus native code combined.
Our experts researched and compared all the prominent website builders and  distilled the results which is included in this article.
In this article instead of doing deep study we focused  on answering the most pressing question: Which website builder is best suited for you or your web development goals?

Best web Builders for the non-technical :

Squarespace :


one of the most widely-used website builders which  focus on  providing a simple means to set up a beautiful, responsive site within minutes without having professional design or development skills.

It works as follows : It provided a selection of twenty or so templates. choose one template then customize it through a sophisticated but limited toolset.

The Drawback of this builder is : Squarespace gets roughly a thousand new users per day — every base template is chosen an average of 50 times daily, means that thousands of Squarespace sites look suspiciously similar. 

However, if you’re looking to build a fully functional, beautiful website for yourself or your small business, Squarespace is the best solution. 

WIX : 

As Squarespace, Wix is also a tool for the non-technical.  It provides a sleek drag and drop editor that allows you to easily customize your template of choice.  Wix offers Hundreds of themes to start from.
Wix’s basic plan is free, but for advanced options like an ecommerce template or additional bandwidth — you’ll be looking at up to $25 USD per month.

Best Website builders for developers :


WordPress is the most popular blog-oriented content management systems. It’s old, and just as unshakeable. The reason for being the most popular website builder is : its Completely free.

An  spacious community has grown around WordPress, resulting in an unparalleled volume and quality of both add-ons and support. From SEO optimization tools to feature-rich ecommerce systems, the WordPress plugin ecosystem has everything you need to create a website of any type.

However, integrating WordPress add-ons, modifying templates, and setting up hosting is not for the non-technical. Due to the piecemeal nature of the WordPress ecosystem, you’re expected to connect a lot of the technical dots yourself. In other words, WordPress is made first and foremost for developers.

Craft :

You won’t find the comforts and distractions of a drag and drop UI in craft. Instead, Craft is a streamlined tool for developers who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty setting up a custom content management system within the confines of an existing UI.

In short, Craft is powerful CMS that makes a clear distinction between developer and user. As a developer, you get fine-grained control over data. As a client, you get segregated access to modifying that data in a way that isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t conflict with the developer’s implementation.

Best for professional designers


Webflow :

It offers all of the power of WordPress with none of the cost or frustration that relying on a developer for assistance entails. It’s technically more in-depth than Squarespace, yet still designed with the non-technical user in mind. Also unlike Squarespace, Webflow provides control over every component in an interface. You’re not bound to the look of a pre-existing a template.

Webflow is the website builder best suited for agency and freelance designers who are creating custom websites for clients: In addition to allowing you to start designing from a responsive template, Webflow also allows you to design from scratch. Hence, you can build out sites to clients’ exact specifications.

 Webydo :

Like Webflow, Webydo boasts a powerful drag-and-drop design editor that prioritizes pixel-perfect design. It allows you to create precise, responsive designs with little hassle. Webydo is also a CMS: As you design your site, it attempts to generate a back-end interface so that you (and your clients) can later modify the site’s content without hassle.

There are only a few basic templates provided for you to work with, so it’s mostly up to you to design from scratch. Once you’ve grasped Webydo’s editor, this may not be much of a challenge, but it’s time consuming given how much work you have to put in every time you want to build a new site.

Webydo runs between $9 to $85 USD monthly. The least expensive package allows you to create one site, and their most expensive package allows up to 250. They also offer a free plan, which allows for one site with a total of five pages.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

android app development company

It seems one of the bugs that plagued Android 5.0 Lollipop is still haunting some users who recently updated to Android 5.1 Lollipop, Some users have reported a memory leak issue in the Android 5.1 update that causes apps to crash and even fills device's memory.

The "Memory leak still present on Android 5.1" issue was reported last week on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) issue tracker by some users.

One of the users wrote :
on the issue tracker, "I woke up this morning and noticed that Gmail was laggy. I checked the RAM and it reported 800MB used. I cleared all open apps and it still the same. Restart [fixed] it of course. This was the only fix that I was looking forward to in the 5.1 update. So disappointed."

Google in no time acknowledged the memory leak issue in Android 5.1 Lollipop, and a project member said :

 "This has been fixed internally. We do not currently have a timeline for public release." We can expect another incremental update to the Android 5.1 (possibly Android 5.1.1) to be released in the coming days or weeks."


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Friday, 13 March 2015

custom Mobile app development

WhatsApp, The world's most popular messaging app appears to have opened its voice calling feature to all Android users, with the invite window now open for several hours. It has been gradually rolling out this feature by opening the invite window only for a few hours at a time. This time however, WhatsApp may have opened the floodgates, reports.

Android Police report says :

many people have been receiving the WhatsApp calling feature on their Android smartphones. To activate the feature, all you need is the latest version (v2.11.561) of WhatsApp (via APKMirror) and a WhatsApp call from someone who already has the feature. After you get the call, you will see WhatsApp's interface switch from just showing recent chats to three tabs - calls, chats and contacts.

This appears to have come on the back of another milestone for WhatsApp - over 1 billion installs via Google Play. The app's Google Play page now shows that it has between 1 billion and 5 billion installs.

Earlier, the voice calling feature was rolled out to some users, but the invite window was closed before most people could get the feature. WhatsApp still has not announced the voice calling feature officially on its website or the release notes on Google Play. WhatsApp for iPhone still doesn't have this feature even though a voice calling button appeared in the app some time ago.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Image result for PHP interview questions

Questions :


Que.1 Which of the following DBMSs do not have a native PHP extension?
C) PostgreSQL
D) Microsoft SQL Server
E) None of the above

Que.2 Which array function checks if the specified key exists in the array
A) array_key_exist()
B) array_key_exists()
C) array_keys_exists()
D) arrays_key_exists()

Que.3 Transactions are used to treat sets of SQL statements atomically.
A) True
B) False

Que.4 The ___________ function can be used to compare two strings using a case-insensitive binary algorithm

A) strcmp()

B) stricmp()
C) strcasecmp()
D) stristr()
E) None of the above

Que.5 fgets() is used to read a file one line at a time

A) True
B) False

Que.6 Which of the following functions do not return a timestamp?

A) time()
B) date()
C) strtotime()
D) localtime()
E) gmmktime()

Que.7 The ............. statement is used to delete a table.


Que.8   flock() is used to unlock a file so that two or more people do not get access to it at the same time.

A) True
B) False

Que.9 Which of the following is not an SQL aggregate function?

Que.10 In PHP in order to access MySQL database you will use:
A) mysqlconnect() function
B) mysql-connect() function
C) mysql_connect() function
D) sql_connect() function

Answers : 

Que.1   E,  Que.2   BQue.3   A,  Que.4   C,  Que.5   A,     Que.6   B,  Que.7   A, Que.8   B, Que.9   E,  Que.10 C

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Image result for SEO ranking
A solid SEO strategy today consists of several key components:

Search Engine Rankings factors :

Onpage :  

1. Site speed
 2. Page load times
3. Clean code
4. Image/CSS/Scripts caching
5. File/Resource management
6. Content delivery from server
7. Hosting/Server configurations

There are a number of other typical, static variables that impact performance, such as:

1. Length of URL
2. Video Integration
3. Keywords in description
4. Page loading times
5. Image optimization

OFF-Page Ranking factors :

1. Directories
2. Press releases
3. Industry relevant sites
4. Industry influencers
5. Blog posts
6. Social network citations/profiles
7. Online articles
8. Social bookmarks

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

SEO : Google Update for Mobile Friendly Sites

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Custom SEO services
Google will be using the responsiveness of websites as a ranking signal from April 21 2015. This update will apply on mobile searches globally (for all languages). This update will improve the search engine results worldwide. Mobile users will find it easy to get relevant web pages that fit perfectly their device's screen. Developers can get help from Google’s guide in creating responsive websites.

More and more users now use their mobiles and smart phones to use internet. According to the search engine giant, Google, users must get the best possible results (whether from mobile friendly web pages or apps) when they search for anything. Google’s algorithms are changing according to the moods of internet users.

Author's Bio :

M2Soft Solutions is a leading Custom SEO company provides Best SEO services. we offers all the services of internet marketing which includes SEO, SMO, Digital marketing etc.

Custom mobile app development

On Tuesday Globo (Enterprise mobility management firm)  unveiled  a new mobile app development platform targeted at security-conscious firms in regulated industries, such as the financial, legal and healthcare sectors.

Globo said :

Its GO!AppZone platform provides encryption for secure development, deployment and management of mobile apps, which meets federal security standards. The company asserted that it is the only company to offer this level of mobile lifecycle management security.

"If I create an application with our studio, the data as it goes from the handheld back to the server would be encrypted at that FIPS 140-2 level, which is rock-solid from a security standpoint," Paul DePond, vice president of technology and innovation at Globo, told FierceMobileIT.

The GO!AppZone platform has also improved support for back-end system data integration and developer access to device functionality. Apps developed using this platform can then be deployed in the GO!Enterprise Secure Workspace EMM platform.

In addition, Globo unveiled improvements to its GO!Enterprise EMM platform designed to meet the needs of companies with shift-based employees who often share devices. Customers can secure and manage work environments for both one device-to-one user and one device-to-many users.

Regards : Custom mobile app development company 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

6 Essential WordPress Plugins to Improve SEO

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There are many great WordPress  plugins  available, to help your WordPress site when it comes to SEO. Our experts hand picked some  Great plugins  (most of which are available for free) to improve SEO and usability :

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast :

This plugin is the most complete SEO solution that is available for WordPress.This  WordPress SEO plugin is used to improve on-page SEO.

With this plugin you can add custom post title, meta description, and meta keyword for our posts, pages, and taxonomies (tag, category, etc). When writing the meta information, WordPress SEO plugin shows you a Google search result snippet preview, so you can see exactly how your content will look when someone search for it in Google. 

2. Simple URLs :

You can track outbound links and control them completely right within the WordPress backend. If you add Disallow: /go/ into your robots.txt file it will also stop any authority from passing through the link itself. 

DOWNLOAD :  Simple URLs 

3. Use Google Libraries :

This very simple plugin that substitutes JavaScript libraries called locally on your own server with Google's own CDN. This saves on bandwidth, keeps using compressed versions of the scripts, and increases the chance that a user already has these files cached and therefore increases the general performance of your site.

DOWNLOAD :  Google Libraries


4. W3 Total Cache :

While we're on the subject of performance, W3 Total Cache is the most powerful and comprehensive caching plugin available. This plugin handles everything from combine and minification for both CSS and JS to HTML linebreak and comment removal, disk caching, browser caching and more.
It's useful to test any settings out to ensure that there are no issues once enabled and deployed but most of the time W3 plays ball with your WordPress installation.

DOWNLOAD :  W3 Total Cache

5.  RB Internal Links :

RB Internal Links is great because it uses the post ID to link internally rather than the URL itself. This means that if you want to change the URL of a page or post, then the URL will be updated dynamically.

This cuts the risk of internal 404 pages that can harm SEO for internal pages, as well as ensuring that no visitor reaches a page that does not exist.

DOWNLOAD :  RB Internal Links

 6. Gravity Forms ( PAID) :

This plugin handles all kind of form generation and management from basic contact forms to complete content management. There is so much you can do within Gravity Forms that I can't cover it in this post alone.

Another great thing about Gravity forms is that all entries are stored and viewable within the backend of the site meaning that some forms don't even need to have email notifications upon submission. Not enough for you? You can also export all entries as a CSV file, as well as being able to import and export all forms for you to backup or transfer to other sites.

DOWNLOAD : Gravity Forms

Regards : SEO Company

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