Thursday, 26 February 2015

Microsoft introduces ASP.NET 5

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Web Development company indoreScott Guthrie (Product Manager of the .NET Framework) has announced ASP.NET 5, the latest version in 15 years long string of ASP.NET that for the first time introduces a cross platform and open source version of the one of the popular web development application framework.

It's available as a preview release as part of Visual Studio CTP 6, and offers a number of fairly significant changes.

All in an open source package that includes :

  • The ability to run on Windows, Mac or Linux using the .NET Core, 
  • A rebuilt MVC (model view controller), dynamic development for seeing changes in your code without having to recompile,
  • Integration with popular open source web development tools, 
  • Dependency management using NuGet, 
  • New options for configuration management,
  • Dependency integration and faster HTTP performance,

The most significant of all the changes is introduction of the .NET Core, a new, small footprint modular runtime that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux.  Windows can still run on the full .NET framework, of course, but  applications can be modified to run on the smaller, but less powerful .NET Core, and run equally as well on a Mac as on a PC.   

The modular structure of the .NET Core provides a number of advantages, as outlined by Guthrie in the blog post:

1) You can deploy the .NET Core runtime with your app which means your app will run with this deployed version of the runtime rather than the version of the runtime that is installed on the host operating system. Your version of the runtime runs side-by-side with versions for other apps. You can update that runtime, if needed, without affecting other apps, or you can continue running on the same version even though other apps on the system have been updated.  This makes app deployment and framework updates much easier and less impactful to other apps running on a system.

2) Your app is only dependent on features it really needs. Therefore, you are never prompted to update/service the runtime for features that are not relevant to your app. You will spend less time testing and deploying updates that are perhaps unrelated to the functionality of your app.

3) Your app can now be run cross-platform. We will provide a cross-platform version of .NET Core for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.  Regardless of which operating system you use for development or which operating system you target for deployment, you will be able to use .NET. The cross-platform version of the runtime has not been released yet, but we are working on it on GitHub and plan to have an official preview of it out soon. 

Some of the other changes might not grab the headlines :

1. Move to cross-platform
2. The changes to MVC 6 bring together MVC, Web API, and Web Pages to consolidate and simplify model view coding.

3. Cloud-ready configuration means that ASP.NET developers can say goodbye to Web. 

4. Config and use JSON, XML, or Environment Variables instead, and using NuGet packages simplifies and streamlines dependency management.

You can try out ASP.NET 5 and the rest of the changes to Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 by following the download link below.

Download Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lenovo website hacked by Lizard Squad

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was hacked on Wednesday. Its second security blemish days after the U.S. government advised consumers to remove software called "Superfish" pre-installed on its laptops. At the time of writing, users visiting website saw a teenager's slideshow and hacker also added song "Breaking Free" from High School Musical movie to the page background.
It appears that Lizard Squad hacking group is responsible for the cyber attack against Lenovo and it could be in retaliation to the Superfish malware incident.

It was revealed earlier this week that Lenovo had been pre-installing controversial 'Superfish' adware to its laptops which compromised the computer's encryption certificates to quietly include more ads on Google search.
The company said :
"We regret any inconvenience that our users may have if they are not able to access parts of our site at this time,".

 "We are actively reviewing our network security and will take appropriate steps to bolster our site and to protect the integrity of our users' information." 

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Yahoo Launches Mobile App Development Suite

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"Yahoo Mobile Developer" suite contains:
Yahoo on its first mobile developer conference in San Fransisco  launched a new mobile development suite that ties together with Flurry and Yahoo features. 

This development suite is a collection s of five products ...

1. Flurry Analytics - Get free insights from the industry's leading mobile app analytics tool.

2. Yahoo App Publishing - Monetize your app with native and video ads from Yahoo, Flurry, and BrightRoll advertisers.

3. Yahoo App Marketing - Reach your target audience with the Gemini native and video marketplace.

4. Flurry Pulse - Send your app data to partners of your choice with one SDK.

5. Yahoo Search in Apps - Keep your users in your app with Yahoo search and monetize those moments.

Apps like Snapchat, Shazam already use the Yahoo mobile developer suite and there are 200,000 other developers using it.
Quartz  wrote  :
"CEO of  Yahoo Marissa Mayer is banking on mobile to turn the company around. Since she joined, the company has increased its mobile team from 50 to 500 people and refreshed a number of its apps. 

Get Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite Here :  

Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

How to design a landing page that sells

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Landing pages are the pages where  a visitor reaches after clicking on a banner ad or a promotional link. Landing pages plays a crucial marketing role by converting leads into customers for the business. So creating a landing page that sells products or generates business is necessary, Here are Some quick tips to design a landing page.... 

Web design company 

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Impact of web design on SEO

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While choosing the design  for your site, there are various distinctive aspects you need  to consider. You need to consider whether that pretty websites will be intuitive to navigate, and afterward you have to be sure that its going to work over various devices and not forget mobile web surfers.

A little more complex task is making sure the site is going to work with search engines and will be easy for Google’s robots to index – sometimes a showy design can be great to look at, but can affect your ranking on search engines.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular web design styles and consider what they mean for SEO.

1. Parallax Design :

Parallax design often called single page design implies that you assemble your whole site on a single page. This is unquestionably striking and different.

         But does it work for SEO? with all that content on one page you do risk diluting the impact of multiple keywords and it could be hard for Google to realize what to make of all that differed content. There are basically less pages to rank, which can be a drawback for SEO.
    But this really depends on the nature of the site if it is a contest page, then you will probably only need to rank for one or two key phrases anyway, so this style might still be a good match.

2. Fixed Position Navigation :

One of the well known design choice is fixed position navigation, which implies use a menu that stays as a part of spot while whatever is left of the site scrolls. This allows users to quickly jump around the site even when they’re deep in content.

        Luckily, the effect on SEO is really low – your content will even now be arranged normally on individual pages. But you do want to make sure that your navigation widget it’s still indexable so that Google can find your pages.

3. Infographics

It is also popular design choice these days, designers use lots of infographics in the place of normal content. they are eye-catchinga nd  engaging, visitors like them.

                Keep in mind however, infographics are simply images and can't be crawled  by search engine spider. make sure that you supplement your infographics with some content, and use alt-tags and other indicators which helps google to understand what’s going on.

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Android Launcher apps free download

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One of the best aspect regarding Android is that it is so easy to customize almost every part of your device.  Launchers are the applications that let you totally change the look of your 'home screen' - the interface that you see when you press the home button.

What are Launchers :

They don't simply give you a chance to change icons and can customize  every transition and animation,
change the grid or even replace the app drawer with a smart interface as well. 

Here are our top Android launcher picks.

1. Nova Launcher

In case you're an enthusiastic customiser, then the decision is really basic. You have to get Nova Launcher.This has been one of our top picks for quite a while in view of the crazy level of customisation it offers. You can change everything from the edges around application icons to the scroll icon on the home screen.

Free Download Nova Launcher 


This launcher sorts all your apps according to your usage. It makes Frequently used  apps to  show up on your default home screen and sorts similar apps into smart folders automatically.

Free Download EverythingMe Launcher

3. Google Now Launcher

This is the default launcher on Nexus and Android One cell phones, and can be install on different devices as well. It is an excellent choice if  you need to move from producers' bloated launchers to a stock Android devotes a whole screen for Google Now, which will satisfy the individuals who use Google's application. The Now Cards have relentlessly been getting more helpful, and that makes this launcher really convenient.

Free Download Google Now Launcher

 4. Wiser

It is a basic launcher that will speak to the individuals who find cell phone UI excessively complicated. Its home screens have only six major icons each, where you can execute your favourite apps , for example, messages, contacts and stick up to six of your most loved contacts.

Free Download Wiser Launcher

Which one do you like the most... Share with us in comments.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Web Design And Development Company 

Que.1 iframe in HTML is used to display a web page within a web page. 


A. True
B. False

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ans:   A 

Que.2 - An HTML file written in notepad can be saved with an extension: 


A. .htm
B. .html
C. Any of the above
D. None of the above. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ans:   C           

Que.3 - Which of the following is true about links by default?


A. An unvisited link is underlined and blue.
B. A visited link is underlined and red.
C. An active link is underlined and purple.
D. All the above. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ans:  A 

Que.4 The href attribute in the link tag specifies the: 


A. Destination of a link.
B. Link.
C. Hypertext
D. None of the above

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ans:   A 

Que.5 HTML Event Attributes onload fires just before the page is finishing loading.


A. True
B. False 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ans:   B   

Que.6 HTML Event Attributes onunload fires 


A. when the browser window has been closed
B. when the browser window is minimized
C. when the browser window has changed focus to other window.
D. After the page is finished loading
                                                                                                                                      Ans:   A

Que.7 HTML Form Events ___________, fires the moment that the element loses focus.


A. onblur
B. onfocus
C. onchange
D. onlostfocus

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ans:   A 

Que.8 Which of the following tags below are used for a multi-line text input control?


A. textml tag
B. text tag
C. textarea tag
D. Both b and c above  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ans:   C 

Que.9 What is cell padding? 


A. Used to separate cell walls from their contents.
B. Used to set space between cells
C. Both a and b above
D. Used to provide width to a cell

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ans:   A                 

Que.10 What are meta tags used for?

A. To store information usually relevant to browsers and search engines.
B. To only store information usually relevant to browsers
C. To only store information about search engines.
D. To store information about external links

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ans:   A



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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

web design company
Designing a website is always a interesting and exciting challenge for every web designer.There are no rules and regulations to design a website. Your choice depends on the website on which you are working. But while designing a website there are a few things to be aware of...

What Should we do

1. Architecture should Be informative :

How information is organised and presented is become more important today . because now a days website provides a wide range of information and resources to attract their target market. To make your website with grid structure is a great idea for attracting people on your website. we can always add our creative designing stuff on the website after it is properly structured with grid layouts.

2. Navigation should be simple and readable :

Navigation should be easy and noticeable. Navigation are used to take user from one page to another. If navigation are not noticeable than whats the point of having it. Navigation should be on the top of the website so that every user can see it easily and able to go to different pages on the website.

3. What's Important :

Keep your focus on main purpose, for example if you are working on a website that sells a particular product ( Ex : Ecommerce Websites). Then your purpose is to keep products structured and interesting way. Which attract your targeted audience

4. Font and font sizes :

Font and font sizes are very important part of web designing. While writing the content choose attractive fonts which give user a unique experience. And select the correct font size which will make your website content attractive.

5. Keep forms simple :

According to the statistics Web forms with more than 3 items (name,email,other item) have a lower sign up rate then short and easy forms.people hate doing this for too long So keep it short and simple.

Should not do :

1.Use of too many colours to build website :

Use of too many colour doesn't make your website attractive. It make shocking website for the visitors. And people will not stay in your website for a long time. Pick a colour scheme with no more then 5 colours, your website will look much better

2. Don't make your website without search box :

People does not have time to search whole website for their desired content. If user will not see the search box. He/she will leave the website without wasting any time. Having a search box on your website makes user comfortable.

3. Irrelevant page across your web page :
When you are going to try and make some money from your website. Don't put irrelevant add across your web page. Because if user will see 70% of ads and 30 % of content then he/she will leave the page and will never come back.

4. Don't write big paragraphs :
If you will write a paragraph more then 1000 words without a paragraph breaks. User will irritate and will leave your website. Use paragraph break and make your content easier to read.

5. Don't full your page with keywords :

Don't think that google and readers are fools.If you will put your main keyword 20 times in a paragraph. It will not only read very poorly but Will penalised. So write quality content which is interesting to read without keyword stuffing. And make it SEO Friendly.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

India's second-largest Consulting and IT services provider Infosys agreed to acquire US-based automation technology company Panaya for $200 million (over Rs 1,200 crore). This is the second-largest IT major's  acquisition ever. Previous largest was that of Zurich-based consulting firm Lodestone, bought for $345 million in 2012.

Infosys Said : 
"Panaya will bring automation to several of its service lines via an agile SaaS model, and helps mitigate risk, reduce costs and shorten time to market for clients."

Panaya has 156 employees and a majority of them are based in Israel. With this acquisition, Panaya joins Infosys with over 400 active customers.
Another reason the acquisition is so exciting is that its home base is Israel.It has emerged as the most concentrated area for startups and innovation after Silicon Valley.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tips to create a SEO friendly website by M2Soft

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custom seo services

When you are starting a online business or to improve a offline business having a SEO friendly website is must. Now a days content is the king, and SEO is the queen. They both runs equally and are extremely important for ranking website naturally.

How to make a website SEO friendly

1. SEO Friendly url :

Url is the first piece of information the spiders interpret To make a url SEO friendly keep it keyword rich and meaningful for the spiders.

2. Heading tag :

Provide your keywords in H1 and H2 tags that you want to be rank. Headings assigned more value then the other text because it usually comes before description.

3. Meta tags :

Meta tag us one of the oldest and a very important technique for the success of a web page in SEO.You want a Meta title, description and meta keywords, which is going to really help your website be understood – if your content matches the same niche as your meta tags.

4. Content :

content of your website should be unique and relevent and matches the images around it (if images are there in website). several times search engine punished the websites for duplicate or irrelevant content.

5. Sitemap :

A sitemap contains hyperlink of every web page on your website. it make finding a specific page on your website easier for users. It is very important to generate a sitemap of your website to make it strong web of back-links because it increases the amount of links to your website.

6.Optimise images :

Search engine can not read images. They only read content so for the optimisation of images use tag which will allow you to include a keyword in the description of the image.

Author's Bio : 

M2 Software Solutions is one of the leading IT company which provides advanced IT solutions with innovative ideas. we provide comprehensive range of services which includes web designing, web development, software development, mobile applications, e-commerce solutions and SEO Services.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Technical PHP interview questions

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PHP Interview Questions :


Web Development company Que. 1 To work with remote files in PHP you need to enable
a.       allow_url_fopen 
b.      allow_remote_files
c.       both of above
d.      none of above
Que. 2  mysql_connect( ) does not take following parameter
a.       database host
b.      user ID
c.       password
d.      database name

Que. 3 When uploading a file if the UPLOAD_ERR-OK contains value 0 it means
a.       Uplaod is not successful, error occurred
b.      The file uploaded with success
c.       Uploaded file size is 0
d.      File upload progress is 0% completed 

Que. 4 With SQL, how do you select a column named "FirstName" from a table named "Persons"?

a) EXTRACT FirstName FROM Persons

b) SELECT Persons.FirstName

c) SELECT FirstName FROM Persons

d) None of these 

Que. 5 _______ function is used to return the length of string.

a) strlength()

b) str()

c) len()

d) strlen()

Que.6 Which of the following functions require the allow-url-fopen must be enabled? 
a.  include()
b.  require() 
c.  both of above 
d.  None of above

Que.7 Identify the variable scope that is not supported by PHP 
a.  Local variables 
b.  Function parameters 
c.  Hidden variables
d.  Global variables

Que.8 Identify the invalid identifier 
a.  my-function 
b.  size 
c.  –some word
d.  This&that

Que.9  The ____ function is used to set a cookie.
a) getcookie()

b) fetchcookie()

c) setcookie()

d) setcokie()

Que.10  When defining identifier in PHP you should remember that 
a.  Identifier are case sensitive. So $result is different than $ result
b.  Identifiers can be any length 
c.  Both of above 
d.  None of above


Que.1  A, Que.2 D, Que.3 B, Que.4 A, Que.5 D, Que.6 C, Que.7 C, Que.8 D, Que.9 C, Que.10 C.

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Solve the Questions and improve your web development skills....

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

In today's competitive market having a unique and interactive and fully functional

website is vital to boost your business online. Remember, A well­ designed website is one

of the most effective marketing tool you’ve got. How do you know when should you 

redesign your website ? Lets have a look..

1. Not getting results you want :

No matter how much you like your website If your website is not able to provide your 

desired results. It is all about how your website attract, and engage visitors and provide 

the results you want.

2. To add more functionality :

If you want to add a blog, forums, e-commerce, or other major features or tools to

your website, redesign a website is probably in order.

3. To make your website responsive :

Now a days a huge amount of Internet is shifted to mobile phones and tablets. If

your website is not responsive then there are chances to loose your potential


4. Change of business focus :

Sometimes business goals changes over time and your website should support these 

changes. A good thing is that technology gives your business the ability to shift focus 

easily and quickly. It also gives your business more opportunities to expand into different


5. Design Looks Outdated :

Now a days, there are thousands of websites on Internet. Your website design should

be unique and informative to attract your targeted audience.

6. To improve usability :

You have only a few seconds to tell your customers that their need is full filled. If

your website is complex and user can not find what he/she wants. In that case, you’ll

definitely want a new website design that’s user­ friendly and keeps your customers

and prospects happy.

These are some important reasons when you will need to redesign your


Let us know what do you think about this article. Share Your 

Views with us via comments.

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