Saturday, 30 May 2015

android app
Google has announced its new version of Android software for smartphones, tablets, watches and TVs at Google I/O developer conference on Tuesday. The new Version of android software is called “M” and it will be released later this year.

Android "M" will reach on Google’s own-brand Nexus smartphones and tablets and  is focused on battery life, security and privacy.

Key Factors : 

1. Project Brillo will put Google software inside home appliances 

2. Android M can unlock phones with fingerprint and use Google Pay  

3. New software will double battery life of Android phones 

4. Firm will give VR headsets to schools for virtual field trips 

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Friday, 29 May 2015

Best new web design tools for 2015

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web designMany new design tools entered in the market This year. internet-makers are fighting back with a plethora of tools that aim to make your life as a designer that little bit better.
Static mockups are becoming less useful and the lines between designer and developer are becoming increasingly blurred. As we work more collaboratively with one another the tools we use are having to change.

Our experts have picked out some top tools that are changing the way we think about design, and are key to helping us establish these new processes...

1. Pixate

Pixate is an app that has been created for making intuitive, interactive prototypes for iOS and Android. What sets Pixate apart from other tools I've used is its drag-and-drop animation and interaction panel. 

To make an element interactive, all you need to do is simply select the interaction you'd like to use, be that double-tap, drag, tap or one of the other native interactions it provides.

Drag this onto your element, set some variables, and voilà – using the Pixate iOS or Android app gives you a real-time working prototype on your device.

The app allows you to build up an asset library really quickly. To start creating your prototype, just drag and drop your assets into the app and you’ll find them in your layers palette ready to use.

2. Affinity


Affinity app is incredibly well designed and it feels like it’s been made to be a dedicated web and graphic design tool. There were a few features that we really enjoyed, including adjustable nondestructive layers – which essentially means you can adjust images or vectors without damaging them. 

The 1,000,000 percent zoom was just bliss (very often Photoshop's 32,000 feels like it's just not enough). This is especially useful when working with vector art, as you can really get in close. The undo and history features are also really handy – Affinity allows you to go back over 8,000 steps!

When it comes to designing, the UI feels familiar. When moving from Photoshop, everyone seems to want to start over, which can pose a real challenge.

What Affinity has done is kept the layout familiar while tightening everything up and hiding distractions. I was easily able to jump straight in and get designing.
Overall, Affinity feels like it could be a real competitor to Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch, and at just £34.99 it's a real bargain!

3. Avocode


Avocode makes it extremely easy for a frontend developer to code websites or apps from Photoshop or Sketch designs. It's built by the same team that brought us CSS Hat and PNG Hat, so it's not surprising they've taken the exporting process one step further here.

Although previous apps have allowed you to export assets, what makes Avocode really special is that you can use its Photoshop plugin to sync your PSD into Avocode with just one click.

Avocode quickly and automatically analyses your PSD or Sketch file and brings everything into a beautifully designed UI. You then have full control over how you export assets, including SVG exporting as standard.

You can also click elements in the design, and copy and paste the code into a text editor of your choice. It looks like there's going to be Atom integration soon, which will make this process even slicker. 

"It gives users everything they need for coding – a preview of the design, and access to all layers and export assets," says Avocode co-founder Vu Hoang Anh. "The best thing is that developers won't need Photoshop or Sketch at all. The current workflow really sucks and that's why we created Avocode."

4. Antetype


Antetype is a new tool for creating responsive UIs for apps and websites. It  create high-fidelity prototypes, but not production files. This is actually a good thing – the team is focused on exactly what it is creating, and it's not trying to make an app that replaces developers. 

Tim Klauck, UX Director at Antetype said : 

"Frustrated using photo editing tools for UX design, we wanted a tool designed for UX design with a better understanding of content and layout,"

"Auto-layout and widgets allow us to rapidly iterate our designs while maintaining consistency."

On download you're given a fairly basic widget library, which you can use to quickly create prototypes and start designing. Antetype provides a library of devices and OS designs including iOS, Android and Windows to start with. There is also an active community section on the site, where you can download UI kits from other Antetype users.

The thing that sets Antetype apart from other prototyping tools is you can actually create responsive prototypes and add some neat interactions – ideal for presenting ideas to a client.  

5. Sketch


Sketch has gained a massive following since it launched in 2009. The latest version includes great new features such as improved exporting, symbols and simplified vector modes.

Pieter Omvlee, founder of Bohemian Coding said : 

"When we set out to build Sketch, we envisioned an app for the modern digital designer," 

"We have tried to do that with key improvements to basic functionality and radical new features. We've been humbled by the enthusiasm with which people have started using Sketch and the amazing work they have created already."

I had used the last version of Sketch for a limited time but found it to be buggy and not to my liking. However, after using Sketch 3 for a few hours I was pleased to see those bugs had been ironed out and the app overall much improved. It's great to see features such as the new grid tool, which makes it easy to create grids for your designs.
I also really like how Sketch has incorporated CSS logic into the app. This makes converting your designs into CSS much easier, as you have to use CSS logic when applying styles. Another feature which is really handy for speeding up the design/development crossover is Automatic Slicing.

Without having to manually add slices, Sketch can create assets using one-click export, which will be exported at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x and in various formats such as PNG, JPG and TIFF. I'm looking forward to seeing what Sketch does next. 

6. Form


Form is not a typical design tool in that there's no tools or layers palette. Using the app feels like a mix of design and code.

While you can't actually create graphics in the app, you can insert them and use what Form calls 'patches' to add gestures and interactions. The Mac app requires you to also use the iOS app so you can view your prototype in real time and interact with it.

"Form is an app design and prototyping tool with the goal of producing designs that are closer to what you get in production," explains Relative Wave creative coder Max Weisel. "We want designers to work directly on the production side of an app, and at the same time free up engineers to focus on more complex problems."

There are some great tutorials on how to use Form, but the process is rather complex if, you are used to creating visuals in Photoshop. Moving an image to the centre of your device, for example, is achieved using Superview variables and Match Patches.

Once in place you use maths to divide the width and height and connect them to the X and Y positions in Image View. Group those together, rename the variables and adjust the X and Y anchor points. This process is  fairly complex.

However, once you get your head around the processes, you can create stunning prototypes. Having access to the device's camera and other sensors means the prototypes you create are just as powerful as the coded app would be.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

mobile appTwitter has finally brought Periscope (its live video streaming app) to the Android platform after two month of launching it to iOS. It is similar to its iOS counterpart but  comes with minor Android-specific changes. With the move, the company also catches up with rival live-broadcast app, Meerkat.

Broadcasting method is the major difference between the iOS and Android versions of Periscope.

iOS users : broadcast a video using the central tab.
Android users :  using a floating button at the bottom right.

The app also includes some Android-specific features. So Android users would have more control over the Periscope like they can now control push notifications whenever a followed user broadcasts for the first time, shares a broadcast, or when a user follows them. However, these notification controls will affect all followers, and cannot be tuned for individual followers. Also, the app lets users return to a broadcast via a banner in the notification drawer in case they wander away to another app in between. Periscope also notes that on the Android version, replays are saved without requiring the broadcaster to upload a file - helping save time time and mobile data.

The Periscope team said in a blog post on Android launch and the reasons for the delay, :

"As a small startup, our initial launch was limited to just iOS, but we've been working really hard to craft an experience that feels special on Android, yet still unmistakably Periscope." Interestingly, this statement was made despite the clout of the Twitter behind the firm, which acquired the startup back in January. Periscope earlier in May also made it possible to sign-up without a Twitter account, allowing users to utilise their phone numbers instead.

Periscope, available to download from Google Play, weighs 8.1MB and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and later versions. It is worth noting that Periscope's rival app, Meerkat, which also debuted on iOS first, reached Android on April 15, more than a month before. The app earlier this month left its public beta version on Android and was updated to version 1.0.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Following the Chrome for Android team's announcement on Reddit AMA last week, Google has now uploaded the remaining Chrome for Android source code to its Chromium repository. This would let any developer build an open source browser based on Chrome for Android.

Chrome for Android now matches Chrome for desktop in terms of available open-source code, letting anyone examine, modify, and compile the project.

The announcement came via Reddit where a Chrome for Android engineer posted :

 "After lots of work by Chrome for Android team and a huge change, Chrome for Android is now almost entirely open source. It now matches Chrome desktop and you can build a Chromium browser by building chrome_public_apk target." 

The "almost entirely" bit mentioned by the engineer is referring to the licensing restrictions such as media codecs and some native Google features.

The change to open source would now let developers make Chromium-based browsers work on Android much easily, or in other words, be able to customise Chrome for Android into another product. This would also result in improved and new Android browsers from third-party developers. The developers can also include their own unique features in the browser.

For those unaware, Chromium project is the set of code behind the Google Chrome browser, which has always been open source. Some of the desktop browsers based on Chromium are Flock, Opera, and Yandex.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

SEO Strategies to rank keywords In 2015

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SEO has been a  a much harder game to play with the constant pace of Google algorithm updates ( Penguin. Panda. Pigeon. latest : Phantom ). But still by producing high-quality branded content on a consistent basis Some companies or individuals are on the edge in terms of search visibility.

Still there is a common question that keeps coming up: “How do I rank for [keyword]”? Without some of the old system-gaming tactics, starting from Square 1 may seem daunting.
 There are certain things you can do to gain search visibility, though. And it starts with finding out what keywords and phrases you should really be focusing on—not just from Google’s keyword data, but from the buyers who are searching for solutions to their problems.

Here is the best SEO strategy these days..
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Reference : SEO Moz

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

SEO NBC reports that an undisclosed, “phantom” algorithm update is specifically targeting informational and “how-to” based content.

Google hasn’t officially commented on it yet, but initial reports are suggesting that this latest algorithm update is specifically targeting websites with “how-to” content. HubPages, eHow,, and WikiHow, have seen significant drops in traffic and ranking positions. 

According to one estimate, HubPages’ organic traffic from Google has dropped by 22%.

Through analyzing the data, Gabe has determined that this udpdate is not related to Panda or Penguin. However, similar types of “thin” content targeted by Panda are also being targeted by this update.

But The funny thing is that Google has yet to acknowledge the existence of such a new update.

Final Words

As you know, Google’s Knowledge Graph has already been posing certain difficulties to content publishers. Now, with this latest “Phantom” update, things are only going to become more difficult for content publishers.

Let’s see when Google acknowledges this update. We will let you know more about it as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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MixRadio Finally Launched for Android and iOS

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mobile app

After a long exclusive spell on Windows Phone, MixRadio  is finally expanding outside of Redmond's mobile platform. The music-streaming service, which Microsoft sold to messaging company Line last year, announced today that its app will be available on iOS and Android starting today. MixRadio's main feature is serving up personalized playlists to listeners for free, across hundreds of genre- and artist-based channels, slightly similar to what Pandora does. Interestingly enough,

The service has also revealed a partnership with HTC; what this means is you'll start seeing MixRadio curate stories for BlinkFeed, the smartphone maker's customizable news stream.

The service, which began life in 1999 when British artist Peter Gabriel founded it as OD2, was only been available for Microsoft (née Nokia) Lumia handsets until now.

You can find MixRadio for iOS here, and MixRadio for Android here.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

wordpress developmentOn Tuesday, Automattic (owner of announced  that it is acquiring the team and company behind the popular WooCommerce WordPress plugin. 

According to a blog post by CEO and cofounder Matt Mullenweg :

The entire 55-person Woo team will join Automattic.  This will bring Automattic's total headcount to 370 people, distributed across 43 countries.  

Mullenweg also made a point to say that WooCommerce is an extremely profitable company. The core WooCommerce plugin is free but the company makes money selling plugin extensions, storefront themes and support. Sources close to the company said that WooCommerce's revenues are in the eight figures.

Mullenweg will also be hosting a Q&A on his blog regarding the acquisition, so users and developers can ask questions about what this means for them.

WooCommerce :

WooCommerce was Launched in 2011 by WooThemes. It  is a popular e-commerce platform built on WordPress with over $1 million in monthly recurring revenue. This allows site owners to  turn their self-hosted WordPress website into a bonafide online store. 

WooCommerce is huge when it comes to the online store space, powering at least 650,000 online store. 

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mobile appMagic Software a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility has announced the release of Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0, offering mobile development capabilities and In-Memory Data Grid technology for the creation of mobile and cross-platform business applications.

Magic xpa is part of Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution that also includes Magic’s Integration Platform, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Professional Services. The code-free metadata-based Magic xpa Application Platform provides an development and deployment environment that lets IT departments and software companies create cross-platform mobile and desktop business apps from the same business logic.

Highlights of the platform include:

- Ease of use:  

Code-free, event-driven application development studio with Visual Studio-based form designer. Drag and drop business process orchestration. Pre-defined elements and components and built-in best practices shorten development cycles.

- Rich Enterprise Mobile Functionalities and UX:

Offline support. Native mobile application clients for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Hybrid/HTML5 support.

- Agile: 

Develop once and deploy across mobile, Web/HTML5, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), SaaS, and client/server. Full .NET compatibility.

- Multi-platform server support : 

Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, IBM i. Cloud-ready architecture.

- Enterprise-grade:

High-performance self-healing and scalable architecture based on IMDG messaging infrastructure. Secured protocols and sessions. Authentication and encryption. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support.

- Big Data/Fast Data Ready: 

Apps can use the IMDG database, enabling handling of extremely large transaction loads. Streaming data from backend databases to the space provides superior performance.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

The most important component of a E commerce website is to convert visitors of website to buyers. Because Increase in conversion rate has a direct effect on sales revenue.
ecommerce development

Even if you are selling the most perfect products at the most affordable prices but you don’t have all of your e-commerce components  in a row, customers will shop elsewhere.   

Our experts have listed some most common e commerce mistakes which impact on sales conversion and by successfully addressing each of them you will see a direct increase in revenue.

1. Lack of Product Information

Before making a purchase decision Online customers do more product research than ever. So on your product pages, include all details about the product and answer of any questions the customer might have relating to its use.

2. Poor Quality Product Images

Ask few questions before uploading product images : 

A. Do your product images show your item from all angles?
B. Are they clear and high quality?
Where possible, include images of your product in use which can make them seem more tangible and desirable in a shopping environment where the customer can't actually touch the product themselves.

3. Complicated Checkout Process

You have to make it as easy as possible for your customers to hand over their credit card information and complete their order.

Most of the Researches into online buyer behaviour consistently shows that  fewer steps in the checkout process is better. Don't make checkout process Long or Confusing for visitors. These steps should be designed to provide an intuitive and straightforward experience, guiding the customer through basket, delivery and payment details.

Remember, more steps you put between them placing an item in their cart and actually paying for it, the more opportunities you give them to leave your site without completing their purchase.

4. Not Allowing Guest Checkout

This ties in directly to the previous item. Forcing a customer to register for an account before placing an order adds extra steps to the checkout process. It  directly reduce sales conversion rates.

5. Lack of Payment Options

The most common online payment options are credit or debit card, But still  the usage of alternative payment methods such as Paypal, e-wallets making up over 40% of all online transactions. So you need to provide as many payment solutions as is practical to optimize the number of orders you get.

 6. Poor Site Search Functionality

Let's say a visitor finds your website through a search for "wool socks". Once on your website they want to find "blue wool socks for men". If your site can't refine a list of products based on variation options, your customer will need to spend time manually browsing your catalog. The longer the user experience the less likely the purchase.
7. It Loads Slowly 

Loading time of a website is a critical component when it comes to e-commerce. An Aberdeen Group study reported that visitors will start abandoning a page after three seconds. which means that page load time has major impact on the bottom line for retailers.

A one-second delay in page load time can :

A. result in a 7 percent loss in conversions.
B. 11 percent fewer page views
C. 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction.

Keep these factors in mind while developing a e commerce website to increase Sales.
When it comes to e-commerce, site speed is critical. - See more at: When it comes to e-commerce, site speed is critical. An Aberdeen Group study reported that visitors will start abandoning a page after three seconds, which means that page load time has major impact on the bottom line for retailers. What’s more, a one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7 percent loss in conversions, 11 percent fewer page views and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. And according to reports from Radware, an integrated application delivery systems provider that studies web performance, most retail sites aren’t meeting customers’ expectations for speed is critical. An Aberdeen Group study reported that visitors will start abandoning a page after three seconds, which means that page load time has major impact on the bottom line for retailers. What’s more, a one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7 percent loss in conversions, 11 percent fewer page views and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. And according to reports from Radware, an integrated application delivery systems provider that studies web performance, most retail sites aren’t meeting customers’ expectations for speed.
When it comes to e-commerce, site speed is critical. - See more at:

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When it comes to e-commerce, site speed is critical. An Aberdeen Group study reported that visitors will start abandoning a page after three seconds, which means that page load time has major impact on the bottom line for retailers. What’s more, a one-second delay in page load time can result in a 7 percent loss in conversions, 11 percent fewer page views and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. And according to reports from Radware, an integrated application delivery systems provider that studies web performance, most retail sites aren’t meeting customers’ expectations for speed.
Tammy Everts, a senior evangelist with SOASTA and former senior researcher with Radware, spoke at our Online Merchandising Workshop in 2014, and she outlined a few common design mistakes that often contribute to sluggish site performance. As we gear up for the next Online Merchandising Workshop this July, we wanted to share these three common cases that continue to hurt performance. Do any of these cases apply to your site?
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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Last few months have been quite good for WhatsApp. The Facebook owned company has been in limelight much more than ever before, for all the right reasons – they launched a desktop client, they launched voice calling feature on Android, then they brought it to other platforms like iOS and BB10, and most recently they launched a beta version  of WhatsApp on their official website with Material Design makeover. But as you know, it was a beta app made available only for testing purposes.

But finally the wait is over. WhatsApp Team has officially rolled out a new version of its app via Play Store, which finally makes WhatsApp with Material Design UI available to all Android users who use the service on a Lollipop based smartphone.

While new version released in Play Store (2.12.87) isn’t radically different in terms of UI from the beta version (2.12.38), it fixes several annoyances that were associated with the beta app. For example:

1. The default wallpaper has been updated to a decent one. It looks calmer and better to the eyes, and it also sits nicely with the overall new design of app.

2. The calling interface has been materialized completely.

3. UI of search bar has also been cleaned up.

4. Gingerbread icons that used to appear in More menu have finally been replaced, and so on…

If these small changes are kept aside, no other major change has been done to the app. Functionality remains almost same as that of beta app and you can still find all the options in same place. Major new additions done to the app are given below:

A. The very first thing that you’ll notice in new app is a whole lot of new icons, animations and a colorful emoji tray. For example, there’s an animation when you click on an image inside the app or try to share it. Attachment icons have also been made bigger and more colorful with this update. 
B. Second thing that you’ll notice after updating the app is its task bar. Calls bar, Chats and Contacts all have been merged together to create this dark green bar, which sits atop everything else inside the app. 
C. But the biggest and most visible change affects calling feature. In beta app a slightly more pronounced bright green WhatsApp Call bar used to appear below the name of caller. That is no longer the case. New app has been designed with company’s trademark dark green color in the background and focus has remained mainly on highlighting the name of caller with bigger font. To do so company decided to trash that bright green WhatsApp Call bar too. You can see the change below. On the left it’s old design and on the right it’s new material design :
WhatsApp Material DesignWhatsApp Material Design

There are several other subtle changes as well, but overall this new app looks great. Update it now and do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Don't believe these three Common SEO Lies

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Good SEO techniques are supposed to be the Holy Grail of online branding. So It should come as no surprise to discover a huge number of myths, stories and by and large lies being spread about the procedure.
 SEO companyThe problem is , when these deceptive ideas become popular, real businesses start following them,  Till they realise  that  they took a wrong step, the damage has been done. they have wasted their time and a good bit of money in the process.

Here are three of the most depressingly widespread SEO lies to to avoid :

1. All the SEO can be handled during its design :

Some  companies thinks that all the SEO of a website can be handled during its design. As long as all the initial text we upload is well-written and packed with relevant keywords, they think, we’ve done all the SEO we need.
This may be true if you are working on a  niche that gets searched a few times in a  week. In this case, you don’t really need SEO.

2. Google hates link building

This absolute lie has become so common that  recently, some fairly trusted sources have started believing it. The idea is that, during recent algorithm changes, Google Google explicitly made a move against all attempts to link build and, so, trying to implement these tactics in your SEO is now essentially a grey hat activity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Natural links are still a 100% legal way to add authority to your website. Earn links instead of buying or using spammy link building techniques.

3. It’s all about targeting one big keyword

This is an area where may online marketers go very, very wrong. They decide that, because their company deals in, say, photocopiers, their sole SEO aim should be to lead the Google search rankings for ‘photocopiers’. From that point on, they pour all their content efforts into targeting this and only this keyword. This quest is doomed from the start.

The problem is, unless they are the only site in the world discussing photocopiers (and they won’t be), they are unlikely to ever make good on the goal. Similarly, as they are ignoring all the other highly lucrative long form keywords related to photocopiers, they are missing out on much more obtainable and much more lucrative SEO opportunities.

SEO is crucial for any company who wants to get noticed online. Yet that does not mean you should believe everything that you read about the topic. Good SEO is all about crafting a well-balanced, regular, long term strategy, involving relevant, intelligent content and smart keywords.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Facebook has tied up with nine news publishers to launch a new Feature called "Instant Articles" that will allow them to publish articles directly to the social network's mobile news feeds.

Facebook said in a blog post on its website (

Instant Articles will let stories load more than 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles and will include content from publishers such as the New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic,

The nine partners are : The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel and Bild, Facebook said.  
Chris Cox  Facebook Chief Product Officer said :

"Instant Articles lets them deliver fast, interactive articles while maintaining control of their content and business models,"

The news publishers can either sell and embed advertisements in the articles and keep all of the revenue, or allow Facebook to sell ads.

The Internet social networking company will also let the news companies track data and traffic through comScore and other analytics tools.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

In order to be a great web designer and keep up with the growing competition  it is necessary to follow trends of web design. But sometimes designers overthink or overlook some of the most important details, especially for usability.
Here are some web design trends that you must avoid when creating a website : 

1. Use of Unclear fonts or Small text



  • Strains readers’ eyes
  • Visitors are more likely to click away than read small text
  • Unclear text can not be read by users properly.

Solution: Increase your fonts size and use clear fonts that makes on-screen reading comfortable.

2. Clever, but unclear navigation

  • Visitors will become confused
  • Visitors will click away when the can’t immediately figure out how to navigate

Solution: Use standard, consistent navigation. Because visitors are already familiar with these schemes, they can easily work their way through your Web pages.

3. Floating Elements

 Problems : 

  • People who have small screens can’t fully see the content available.
  • It’s obnoxious.
  • Design-wise, they don’t look good at all.

Solution :  Don't make use of floating elements.

4. Unnecessary reflections below objects



  • Distracting
  • Overused

Solution: Use reflections only where they fit logically into the design. For example, if you have an image of water or a wet surface, a reflection would make sense. Avoid them on regular Web pages. If you want to create a sense of depth, try using a shadow instead.

5. Blinking images

  • Distracting
  • Unprofessional

Solution: Find a new way to add emphasis to an important element or idea. There are many ways to do this. You can redesign your page to give the most important elements the largest space, use contrasting color or elements to draw a visitor’s attention to the most important parts of the page.

Remember, designing is all about making people comfortable and to help them use your website with great ease, not to make them feel frustrated.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Jerry Nixon (a Microsoft employee and developer evangelist) said at the company's ongoing Ignite conference in Chicago that Microsoft will launch Windows 10 for PCs this summer will be the last windows OS version.

Reiterating the company's "Windows as a service" philosophy, Nixon said :

The Company is planning no new OS version launches in the future. "Right now we're releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we're all still working on Windows 10," he added.

He said :  Microsoft made its base for Windows 10 secretly when it launched Windows 8.1 last year, and that with Windows 10 it will be pushing out regular updates to the OS instead of introducing new versions.

Explaining how it would work, Nixon gave the example of how OS components, such as the Start Menu and the built-in apps, will be bifurcated and updated independently. Alongside, Microsoft revealed that Patch Tuesdays will be abolished, and the update cycle will be moved to a 24x7 one. Users could either opt-in for slow rollout, meaning receiving updates in bundles, or a fast rollout, where they would receive updates as soon as they are released.

Microsoft is already said to have engineered apps like Xbox, Mail and even Office for regular monthly updates in Windows 10. The results will however will be reflected after a few months. The firm has also been testing the OS with Windows Insider participants in the form of different OS version builds both for PC/laptops and mobile devices.

It is worth mentioning that while Windows 10 is due to arrive for PCs by this summer, the OS will be released for mobiles, tablets, HoloLens, and the Xbox One at some point later this year.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

PHP company
Que.1 . mysql_connect( ) does not take following parameter

A. database host
B. user ID
C. password
D. database name
                                                                                Ans : D

Que.2 Which of the following is not a session function?

A. sssion_decode
B. session_destroy
C. session_id
D. session_pw
                                                                              Ans : D
Que.3 Php supports all four different ways of delimiting. In this context identify the false statement

A. You can use any of the delimiting style
B. You can use different delimiting styles in same page
C. You can use any delimiting style but must use a single style consistently for a page
D. Variables declared in previous blocks are remenbered on later blocks too!
                                                                             Ans : C

Que.4 How many methods are available for the exception class?

a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8
                                                                             Ans : C

Que.5 Which of the following statements invoke the exception class?

a) throws new Exception();
b) throw new Exception();
c) new Exception();
d) new throws Exception();
                                                                            Ans : B

Que.6 Which one of the following PHP function is used to determine a file’s last access time?

a) fileltime()
b) filectime()
c) fileatime()
d) filetime()
                                                                            Ans : C
Que.7  Which function is useful when you want to output the executed command’s result?

a) out_cmm()
b) out_system()
c) cmm()
d) system()
                                                                           Ans : D

Que.8  The authenticationFile.txt, the file which stores username and password should be stored ___ the server document root.

a) Inside
b) Outside
c) Within
d) None of the above
                                                                         Ans : B
Que. 9  The authenticationFile.txt, the file which stores username and password should be stored ___ the server document root.

a) Inside
b) Outside
c) Within
d) None of the above
                                                                         Ans : B
Que.10 Which one of the following function is capable of reading a file into an array?

a) file()
b) arrfile()
c) arr_file()
d) file_arr()
                                                                        Ans : A

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Microsoft has now launched the full version of its SDK for Microsoft Band For all platforms. With the help of this SDK  Developers can create Windows 10 apps using Android and iOS code.

A preview SDK had been available since February, but apps created using that could not access all the features and sensors of the Band.

Additional functionality to the SDK includes the ability to:

1. Build apps that support Windows.

2. Create your own custom layouts for pages on third-party tiles using icons, text, buttons, and barcodes for payment options.

3. Receive events and button-click callbacks from the Microsoft Band to your phone app. If you press a button on a page inside your tile, your app would know which button was pressed.

4. Connect to the Band from background tasks.

5. Tap into calorie subscription from the Microsoft Band.

The SDK allows Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS developers to create apps for Microsoft Band by taking advantage of all sensors in the wearable device. 

Until now, they have only had access to a slightly paired down SDK, but with this version they can build fully fledged apps that support Windows, create custom layouts, access the device from background tasks and get data from Microsoft’s calorie subscription service. 

At the same time as launching the full SDK, Microsoft has also made available sample code for developers to download

Regards : Top mobile app development company

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