Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Facebook Lite App Being Tested

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Facebook is testing its latest app called Facebook Lite (a lightweight version of the mobile Facebook app ) for users with poor-quality mobile Internet ( 2G connections) or in areas of limited Internet accessibility."in emerging markets.

TechCrunch report :

The app has been launched in selected Asian and African markets over the weekend including Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the app is currently not available in India; though we can expect a rollout soon.

Facebook says :

It is currently testing the app, and is reported to have plans for a wider rollout. The report however speculates, "Facebook could quietly can the project if it doesn't believe it is worth pursuing."

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Web design company
As a web design company we know how to make classic web design with latest trends.
Our experts some website features to be avoid which looks ugly. just make sure you stick with classics and leave the trends out of it.
Lets have a look....
1. “Creative” fonts :
Use of creative font will not allow users to Clearly understand the text on your website. So Choose a font that’s classic and has been around the block a few times—specifically a sans-serif font. Calibri and Verdana are safe choices.
2. Glittery pink flash animation :
Use of  Glittery pink flash animation doesn’t belong on a professional site. In fact, any type of flash animation can slow down a website and interfere with your SEO efforts.So  adopt a static site with responsive design and mobile optimization built in.
3. Hidden nav bars :
It might seem “fun” to hide these navigational tools within the homepage. But nobody waste time to search Hidden navigations on the home page.Your job is to make it as easy as possible for people to navigate your site. So make navigations which are visible and easily accessible.
4. Auto anything :
This goes for music and videos alike. Put your visitors in control of their website experience and they’ll be more likely to stick around. Don't make any video or music auto that that irritate visitors of your website.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Web development company
If you are searching for PHP multiple choice interview questions? you are at the right place. There are more then 200 questions to improve your web development skills and prepare for interviews......

PHP Interview Questions :

Que.1 Which of those is not magic method? 

A __autoload
B __clone
C __sleep
D __toint

Que.2 What in_array() function does in PHP ?
Check whether array is declared
Checks if a value exists in an array
Both a and b
None of them

Que.3 What function creates a cookie?  

A create_cookie()
B set_cookie()
C setcookie()
D None of the above

Que.4 What function split an array into chunks?  

A array_chunk()
B array_split()
C array_split_chunk
D array_chunks()

Que.5 Which types of form elements can be excluded from the HTTP request?

A. text, radio, and check box

B. text, submit, and hidden
C. submit and hidden
D. radio and check box 

Que.6  What is input sanitization? 

A Secure user input
B Converting input into a format that PHP supports
C Removing or cleaning potentially malicious user input.
D All of the above

Que.7 Why must you call session_start() prior to any output?

A. Because it is easy to forget if not placed at the top of your scripts.

B. Because you can no longer access the session data store after there has been
C. Because session_start() sets some HTTP headers.
D. Because calling session_start() causes the HTTP headers to be sent.

Que.8 Static properties cannot be initialized using

A expressions
B literal
C constant
DAll of the above

Que.9  which of the following characters are taken care of by htmlspecialchars?

a. <

b. single quote
c. double quote

d. All of the above

Que.10 If property of class is declare using var then PHP5 will treat the property as? 

A Protected
B Private
C Public
D Final

Answers :

Que.1           B and C
Que.2           C
Que.3           B
Que.4           C
Que.5           A
Que.6           D
Que.7           A,B and E
Que.8           D
Que.9           D
Que.10         A 


PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-4
PHP Multiple choice questions-5 
PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-6

PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-8
PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-9

PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-10

PHP Multiple choice Questions and answers-11

PHP Multiple choice Questions and answers-12

PHP Multiple choice Questions and answers-13

PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-14

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Whatsapp web launched for PC, Works only on chrome for now

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The most popular messaging app Whatsapp with 700 million monthly active users is now available for desktop browser also.WhatsApp has announced the launch of a new service called WhatsApp Web.

Whatsapp said via a blog post:

"Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your Web browser,"

To access whatsapp on desktop browser GOTO : and as long as you are using Google Chrome, you'll be given a chance to scan a QR code on the desktop screen via the WhatsApp app on your mobile. Make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. 

Share your views with us via comments..... 

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

8 Free Keywords Research tools

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Keyword research is the most important and valuable activity in the search marketing field. But finding new and more valuable keywords can be one of the hardest task. Because It's not about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors.

So today i am  here with some free keyword tools which will help you in keyword research. 
1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner 

 Google adwords

2. Übersuggest


  3. SEO Book
SEO Book

 4. Keyword Eye

Keyword eye
 5. Wordstream

Word stream6. WordTracker


Which one do you like the most.... Share with us in comments....


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How to make effective web designs

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Website design is a tricky business in which some things works, while others simply don’t. When you are creating a web design it is important to understand "what makes or breaks a Web design".

Our web design experts hand-picked some specific items you need to be aware of :  

1. Keep your page structured :

To make a page structured, use grid layouts and CSS files. Grid systems help layout information in a structured and easy to follow format.

2. Choose the right color scheme :

Colour Scheme is a very important aspect of web design. it improves look and feel of a web page. don't use 5-6 colours to make a design. 

3. Typography :

make sure that the font size and font type are simple and readable. 

4. Usability : 

Make a website usable by Keeping the structure of your web pages consistent throughout the website.Use standard styles for navigating around your website. Remember to keep it simple.

6. White Space :

white space gives text some breathing room and spatial peace. You can make elements stand out by adding white space around them. 

7. Graphics :

Graphics add visual message to the visitors. Great design doesn’t need fancy graphics. But poor graphics will definitely hurt a design. 

Let us know "what do you think about this article." Share with us VIA COMMENTS.


Monday, 19 January 2015

IBM is all set to launch a mobile app to report civic issues

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IBM is in talks with several urban local bodies to launch an mobile application called accessible way ,which will enable crowd sourcing of grievances. The app, Accessible Way, will allow users to flag civic issues.IBM might launch the service across a few cities next month.

 Mobile app development companyAccessible Way, developed by IBM’s research team, was tested in a pilot project at Sao Paulo in Brazil. Just like a regular mobile app, it can be downloaded from Google or Apple stores.

Residents of a city can upload their grievances with the geographical positioning system, or GPS, code to spot the area. Users can also attach a photograph of the site on the application. The city authorities can access the registered grievances on a web-based dashboard and act upon them.

 In its current form, Accessible Way allows citizens to raise complaints relating to parking, sidewalks, pedestrian cross walks, curb ramps, street lighting, tactile paving, visual signalling, etc. Pradhan said IBM might look at localising the app for use in India.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Custom Web Develoment company

Today i am here with some sets of PHP interview questions with answers for PHP developers, to improve web development skills. and prepare for interviews...

PHP Questions :

Que.1 When serializing and unserializing an object, which of the following precautions should you keep in mind? (Choose two)

A. Always escape member properties that contain user input.
B. If the object contains resource variables, use magic functions to restore the resources upon unserialization.
C. Use the magic functions to only save what is necessary.
D. Always use a transaction when saving the information to a database. 

Que.2 Which of the following form element names can be used to create an array in PHP?
A. foo
B. [foo]
C. foo[]
D. foo[bar] 

Que.3 What will the following script output?

$x = 3 - 5 % 3;

echo $x;


A. 2
B. 1
C. Null
D. True 
Que.4 Why must you call session_start() prior to any output?A. Because it is easy to forget if not placed at the top of your scripts.
B. Because you can no longer access the session data store after there has been output.
C. Because session_start() sets some HTTP headers.
D. Because calling session_start() causes the HTTP headers to be sent.
Que.5 Which of the following represents the proper way to set a session variable?
A. $_SESSION[‘foo’] = ‘bar’;
B. session_start();
C. session_set_save_handler (‘myopen’, ‘myclose’, ‘myread’,‘mywrite’, ‘mydelete’, ‘mygarbage’);
D. $foo = $_SESSION[‘foo’];

Que.6 Is it possible to pass data from PHP to JavaScript?
A. No, because PHP is server-side, and JavaScript is client-side.
B. No, because PHP is a loosely typed language.
C. Yes, because JavaScript executes before PHP.
D. Yes, because PHP can generate valid JavaScript

Que.7 Which of the following types can be used as an array key? (Select three.)

A. Integer
B. Floating-point
C. Array
D. Object
E. Boolean

Que. 8 Which types of form elements can be excluded from the HTTP request?

A. text, radio, and check box
B. text, submit, and hidden
C. submit and hidden
D. radio and check box

Que.9 Which of the following functions can be used to sort an array by its keys in descending order?
A. sort
B. rsort
C. ksort
D. krsort

Que.10 Which of the following represents the proper way to set a session variable?

A. $_SESSION[‘foo’] = ‘bar’;
B. session_start();
C. session_set_save_handler (‘myopen’, ‘myclose’, ‘myread’,
‘mywrite’, ‘mydelete’, ‘mygarbage’);
D. $foo = $_SESSION[‘foo’];

Answers :

Que.1           B and C
Que.2           C
Que.3           B
Que.4           C
Que.5           A
Que.6           D
Que.7           A,B and E
Que.8           D
Que.9           D
Que.10         A


PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-2

PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-8
PHP Multiple choice questions and answers-10
PHP Multiple choice Questions and answers-11
PHP Multiple choice Questions and answers-12
PHP Multiple choice Questions and answers-13
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hello Everyone...!!!

Custom Web development companyIf you looking for the WordPress plugins used by WordPress experts. Then you’re at the right place.

Choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site will make Web development easier and allow you to  deliver a better experience for your users as well. 

Our expert team has hand-picked the best WordPress plugins for 2015. Have a look at the list of top 20 WordPress Plugins for 2015.

WordPress Plugins :

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast


2. BackupBuddy


3. W3 Total Cache


4. Gravity Forms


5. OptinMonster


6. Edit Flow


7. Soliloquy


8. Floating Social Bar


9. Disqus


10. Envira Gallery


11. Login Lockdown


12. Term Management Tools


13. TablePress


14. WPtouch


15. Compact Archives


16. ThirstyAffiliates


17. Display Widgets


18. WP Mail SMTP 



Let me know "What do you think"... Share your views with us in comments.....


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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

On Tuesday, Google officially launched its Flight Search service in India . This service allow users to search and compare flight tickets, and book them via Google's partners. Google first launched the service globally back in 2011.
Users can access Google Flight Search directly from Google Search or via they will be able to compare and book flights from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop). 

When users visit the Flight Search page, the price and duration of flights to several popular destinations will be shown, they might like to visit, selected basis user preference and search history. they can to search and book flights in round trip, one way, and multi-city itineraries.
Once users enter a destination, and click on the departure date (or return date in case of round trup), they will be shown a calendar with the lowest fares to the destination each day. Below the calendar, a graph is visible that shows the fares across months - helping users plan their journeys better.

Upon selecting a departure date (and return date in case a round trip search is selected), users will be shown the various flight routes and prices on that day, starting with outbound. The routes are the 'Best flights', representing the "best tradeoff between convenience and price." Users can view other flights by selecting "Show longer or more expensive flights."

Once both outbound and inbound flights are selected, users will be presented the option of buying the flight tickets by Google Flight Search (which will lead users to the partner website for payment), save the itinerary, or share the itinerary.

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Monday, 12 January 2015

SEO trends for 2015

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SEO company in indore
Hello Everyone...!!!!

I hope you’re not thinking that “Search Engine Optimization is dead,” and “social is the new search.” SEO has grown more complex, but no less valuable. So with all that in mind, here are five SEO trends you need to plan for in 2015.

 SEO Trends in 2015


1. Semantic search to manage " Hummingbird" :

Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query—the whole sentence or conversation or meaning—is taken into account, rather than particular words. The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few [key]words.

2.  Mobile Search Optimization :

Now a day one out of every 5 people in the world own a smart phone and 1 out of every 17 people own a tablet. so having mobile support is necessary.
SEO will not only support mobile optimization strategy, but building on this strategy beyond simply having a responsive website.your website should be readable and accessible from every device and multimedia platform, and it should also be optimized accordingly for each as well.

"Google algorithms now take user behaviour like bounce-rate into effect. If you deliver a bad user-experience because your site is not optimized properly, your ranking will be effected." 

3. Content Is Still King

The web basically breaks down to simple content, and Google search algorithms strive to make sense of this content and to deliver the best most relevant content to the searcher. It only makes sense that content continues to hold the throne.
4.  Social Media Integration :

If you don’t have a strong presence and strategy that allows for people to find and share your content, you’re doing it wrong! Social media is clearly not going away. Understanding your target market and delivering quality content is essential.
5. Citations : 

A citation is any mention of your business name, address and phone number on a website other than your own. A co-citation is when it appears with other businesses like yours.

Citations (also called brand mentions or implied links) are an important authority factor. Depending on your business, there are three types you should consider obtaining. 

Share your experience with us in comments.... 


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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hottest mobile app development trends for 2015

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Hello Everyone...!!!

mobile application development industry is continuing to evolve year after year. in 2014 we have seen a lot of unique things. Now Everyone is looking forward to see the new changes in the mobile industry in 2015.

Here are some hottest  Mobile App Development trends to expect in 2015.

I have found these trends that will be continued in 2015. if you have more then please share with us in comments...


Regards : mobile app development company


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to become a better PHP Programmer

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Web development company
Hello Everyone...!!!

To become a PHP Developers is easy but to become a better PHP developer is difficult. As a web development company we have done a lot of projects and on the basis of that we have found some tips that can improve your code readability and maintainability  and make you more organized PHP developer.

Tips to become better PHP Programmer

1. Separate Configuration Files :

Instead of adding configuration settings to your script file, create a new file and include that file at the top of your script. because there is no reason to add configuration settings to your script file.Including a file makes it easy to each and every page because of a little configuration change

2. Use Comments as your Friend :

Sometimes we find it very hard  to understand our own code that has been written a while ago. So use comments to make your code easy to understand for every programmer.

3. Use Indentation and Spacing :

A well indented code with the right spacing immediately says all about you as a programmer. every programmer should be able to immediately figure out that whether a loop has ended or not by just quickly looking through your code.

4. Naming Conventions (Give your Variables Meaningful Names) :

Always give meaningful names to your variable. that means that variable name suggest the details about what type of data they store.

5. Initialize your Variables :

I know PHP automatically creates a variable at the moment you try to assign a value to it. But  it is always good practice to initialize your variables before using them. This will make your code much cleaner and make sure your variables are always the type you want them to be.

6. Using Quotes when accessing Array Keys

While accessing arrays, you might find that these both lines work:

$sName = $aNames['marc'];
$sName = $aNames[marc];
Have a look at second line, here PHP is actually first trying to find a constant called “marc” and then converting “marc” to a string once no constant is found.  So you should avoid using no quotes. "if you ever create a constant with the same name, your script will stop working".

7. Stop Repeating Code :

 If you have a few lines that do the exact same thing, instead of repeating them turn them into one function or an object. This will help you when your application gets bigger and bigger.

Example :

$a = 1;
while ($a < 10) {
    $b = $a * 10;
    $c = $b * 2;
    $d = $c * $b;
    echo $d;

You could write this like this:

function multiply($iVar, $iVar2) {
     return ($iVar*$iVar2);
$a = 1;
while ($a < 10) {
    $b = multiply($a, 10);
    $c = multiply($b, 2);
    $d = multiply($c, $b);
    echo $d;

8. Use Method Chaining : 

If you’re doing multiple object method calls that set variables instead your object, use method chaining to make your code simpler. To do this, just end each method with return $this; as shown below:

class User {
    function setThis($iVar) {
        return $this;
    function setThis2($iVar2) {
        return $this;

You will then be able to do method chaining:

$oUser = new User();

We have found these things to become a better PHP developer.... "If you have more please add them also.... in comments".


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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

custom web design company

Hello Everyone...!!!

Your Websites is the very first impression you give to a new potential client. A website is critical piece of your overall marketing plan. So your website should have some things mentioned in below points. Here we go..

e-commerce Web design

1. Is it immediately clear what your business offers?

2. Is it overwhelming or easy to navigate?

3. Is the text easy to read on a computer as well as a mobile device?

4. Can visitors quickly locate your contact information and address?

5. Are your office hours clearly posted?

6. Are your logos and photos attractive, clear and crisp?

7. Does your text over-inform or inspire the reader to call or visit for more information?

8. Is your shopping cart process secure, straightforward and un-complicated? Purchase a product from the site yourself to be certain.

9. Is your web address easy to type, spell and remember? You can get a new domain name (or several) without changing your website design.

10. Do you have a way to collect the information of all your visitors? Don't miss out on visitors who will be future clients.

11. Are your happy customers increasing your credibility? Make sure you include testimonials and endorsements.

12. If you're using social media as a strategic tool to drive traffic, make sure that your social media presence compliments your website and overall brand.

14. Keep records on your renewal dates so you never let your domain or hosting expire.

We think that a e-commerce website must have these things. If you can add some more things apart from these.... Please share it Via Comments.

Regards : Custom Web Design Company

Monday, 5 January 2015

Mobile app can Detect if Someone Is Spying on You

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Hello Everyone..!!!

A new mobile app called SnoopSnitch is able to  detect International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers by keeping a tab if someone is spying on you.
IMSI catchers are eavesdropping devices used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking the movement of smartphone users, media reports said.

A massive security flaw is recently revealed by Security experts  that could let hackers listen in on private calls and read text messages on mobile networks.

One way in which such hackers get access to such information is by using IMSI catchers or 'stingrays'.

SnoopSnitch can detect IMSI catchers and warn smartphone users if their devices are giving up their personal information and connecting to them.
The app scans for signals that indicate a switch from a legitimate tower to a 'stingray', where information may be being collected.

The app currently works with Android handsets that have Qualcomm chips inside such as Sony and Samsung Galaxy models.

"What do you think about this article"....  Share with us via comments.

Regards : Custom mobile app development company

Hello Everyone...!!!
The year 2014 has been over, And Every new year brings some new predictions.  So here are some predictions that "how ecommerce sites will be built in 2015".

1. Hidden Menus : 

web design company 

2. Flexible and Large Typography :

web design company

 3. Large Photography : 

web design company

4. Video Content and Backgrounds :

web design company

5. Material Design :  

Web design company

I have found these trends for ecommerce website design in 2015. if you have more Please add them through comments...

Regards : Web design company

Friday, 2 January 2015

Essential navigation trends for 2015

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Hello Everyone...!!!

As a Web designing company we know that "Navigations" are a very important part  for any website.Here are some latest and essential nevigation trends which will be an important factor in 2015....

1. The Navicon :


Since Responsive Web Design introduced, the web designers community were desperate for a solution to navigation. Packing everything into a navigation panel that sits off canvas, and moves in upon selecting the navicon was an attractive solution. and it seems to be continue as an essential trend for navigations.

Web designing Company


2. Full screen navigation : 


The next important trend is the use of full screen navigation menus. These menus are typically activated by a button or link of some type; quite frequently a navicon. The difference here is that instead of a small panel that slides out, the navigation takes over the entire screen. On mobile this feels normal, but on the desktop this is actually a new and interesting approach.

Web Designing Company


3. Perfection of the super-sized menu :


The use of "super sized" or "Mega" menu systems are nothing new. What I do find interesting is the content placed inside of them. In my assessment of things designers have really put this new space to work in powerful ways.
Web designing Company


I have found these Navigation trends essential for 2015.. If you have more, Please Share with us in Comments.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello Everyone...!!!
Website development company

Many web developers are trying to get a break in website development company works on PHP. But To become a good PHP developer It is necessary to improve your PHP web development skills. To improve web development skills Here are More 150 Multiple choice interview questions of PHP to solve. Have a look....

PHP Interview Questions : 

Que.1 How do we submit from data Without a submit button ?
A. Using header() function
B. Using Javascript
C. Using fdf_set_submit_form_action() fucntion
D. Both a and b above

Que.2 Which function in PHP returns a list of responce headers sent (or reply to sent)

A. header()
B. headers_list()
C. header_sent()
D. header_send()

Que.3 Can you generate DLL files From PHP Scripts like you can in perl ?

A. No
B. Yes

Que.4 In PHP Language variables are case sensative ?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Depends on website
D. Depends on server

Que.5 Which of the following functions require the allow-url-fopen must be enabled?
a. include()
b. require()
c. both of above
d. None of above

Que.6 Which of the following differences are valid between PHP 4 and PHP 5 ?

A. Built-in native support for SQLite
B. Both a and c
C. improved MySQL support
D. Support for inheritance

Que.7 The filesize() function returns the file size in ___.

A. bits
B. Bytes
C. kilobytes
D. Gigabytes

Que.8 What is the default value of the directive max_file_limit?

A. 10 files
B. 15 files
C. 20 files
D. 25 files

Que.9 How can i run COM object from remote server ? 

A. like we run local objects
B. pass the IP of the remote machine as first parameter to the COM constructor.
C. pass the IP of the remote machine as second parameter to the COM constructor.
D. Both a and c above

Que.10 Which one of the following function outputs the contents of a string variable to the specified resource?

a) filewrite()
b) fwrite()
c) filewrites()
d) fwrites()

Answers :
Que.1 A & B , Que.2 B, Que.3 A, Que.4 A, Que.5 C, Que.6 C, Que.7 B, Que.8 C, Que.9 A & C, Que.10

Want more Questions....??? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW





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