Friday, 20 June 2014

Which is better PHP or .net..

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Hi Friends!!!

PHP or .net
There are many tools and technologies available   to create good websit

I generally prefer PHP because ...
  • PHP is  Platform independence... ASP .net can run only in WINDOWS-IIS ...
  • Support of apache and MYSQL the best web servers.... 
  • Highest fault tolerance with safe mode support... simple and flexible..
  • web server in-dependency, support of many external libraries....!!!

On the other hand... .NET has object oriented Features...!!

  • Run on multiple language such as C#, C++, F#, Visual Basic, etc.
  •  many database supports...high mobile application support ...
  • support and documentation of Microsoft developers network...
  • best garbage collection...

PHP or .net
What do you think which is better???

Reply........I am waiting....



  1. Well Php a good option as supports open source... correct.. ??

    1. php is good option but .net is more reliable ...

    2. .net has a lot of open source programs to choose from, can be quite daunting, even if we narrow it down to only CMS!

    3. thanks for your reply...... keep visiting

  2. .net have security but PHP has multiple platforms and support of apache and MYSQL server,,,

  3. In my opinions, php is more common because it may be easier to work with initially, but no way can it give the portal and stability and security that .Net can give... Microsoft has the best developers in the world, so for something different (that you cannot buy off the shelf) there are hundreds of well trained .NET professionals that can code an additional module or whatever. I know, because I devised a seamless membership routine that was taking days to accomplish, going through various people... now it is all automated, and only one person gets the end result!!! I am a fan of DNN myself, so that is what the module was written for.
    .net gets my thumbs up!!!

    1. thanks for your opinion... keep visiting....

  4. I like .Net
    B'coz i am Asp.Net developers.if any freelancer work for you have contact us.
    Name - Chirag Dudhat
    Mo No:9687397730


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