Thursday, 17 July 2014

Answer-sheet for : PHP Practice For WEB DEVELOPMENT

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Hello friends...


How are you.. I hope you all are fine..


As always here is the answer-sheet for yesterday's test..


PHP answers, PHP best practices




Answer-sheet for PHP Practice For WEB DEVELOPMENT

           Questions               Answers

                   Que. 1                                  A

                    Que. 2                                  C

                    Que. 3                                  A

                    Que. 4                                  A

                    Que. 5                                  D

                    Que. 6                                  A

                    Que. 7                                  A

                    Que. 8                                  D

                    Que. 9                                  D

                    Que. 10                                D

Share your experience with us... and if you have any suggestions please tell us via comment..


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