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Trends to design logos in 2014

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logos, logo designing trends, tips to design logos for graphic designer,

Here are some exiting trends for 2014 for logo designing.. Which inspires Graphic designers to make Creative logos

Logo Design Trends

1. Line Art

2. Symbols inspired by infinity

3. 3D in 2D

4. Dual Impact

5. Blending multiple lines

6.Geographic abstract polygon style

7. Gradient meshes

 Share your experience Or any suggestion ... Via comments

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

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PHP technical interview questions for practice, PHP multiple choice questions,PHP practice questions with answers

Here is the answer-sheet for yesterday's test.. that is  Web Development : PHP practice Questions

For Questions GO HERE : PHP practice Questions


QUESTIONS                            ANSWERS

    Que.1                                                    C
    Que.2                                                    D
    Que.3                                                    D
    Que.4                                                    C
    Que.5                                                    A
    Que.6                                                    D
    Que.7                                                    A
    Que.8                                                    C
    Que.9                                                    B
    Que.10                                                  B

Want more Questions With answers GO HERE


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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web development, PHP Questions For PHP developers, PHP technical interview questions At every Thursday a practice session is conducted by M2 Software Solution to improve the web development skills of PHP developers.

PHP Questions

Que.1 Use the ___________ to delete the data inside the table, and not the table itself?


Que.2 What is the correct way to include the file "" ?

a) <!--include file=""-->
b) <% include file="" %>
c) <?phpinclude_file(""); ?>
d) <?php require(""); ?>          

Que.3 Is it possible to pass data from PHP to JavaScript? 

A. No, because PHP is server-side, and JavaScript is client-side.
B. No, because PHP is a loosely typed language.
C. Yes, because JavaScript executes before PHP.
D. Yes, because PHP can generate valid JavaScript

Que.4  What is the purpose of basename() function in PHP?

A.    Returns the last accessed time of the file
B.    Returns the first accessed time of the file
C.    Strips of the path and returns the file name.
D.    Strips of the path the returns of the folder name.

Que.5 .What is the correct way to open the file "time.txt" as readable?

a) fopen("time.txt","r");b) open("time.txt");
c) fopen("time.txt","r+");  d) open("time.txt","read");    

Que.6 Which types of form elements can be excluded from the HTTP request? 

A. text, radio, and check box
B. text, submit, and hidden
C. submit and hidden
D. radio and check box

Que.7 Which one of these variables has an illegal name?

a) $my-Var
b) $myVar
c) $my_Var
d) None of these              

Que.8 Which of the following form element names can be used to create an array in  PHP?

A. foo
B. [foo]
C. foo[]
D. foo[bar]

Que.9 . How does the identity operator ===compare two values in PHP?

A.    It converts them to common compatible data type and then compares the resulting values.
B.    It returns True only if they are both of the same type and value
C.    If the two values are strings, it performs a lexical comparison
D.    It based its comparison on the C strcmp function exclusively
E.    It converts both values to strings and compares them

Que.10 ______________ Returns the time of sunrise for a given day / location in PHP.

A.    datesunrise()
B.    date_sunrise()
C.    date-sunrise()
D.    date.sunrise()

The answer-sheet of this practice will be available tomorrow

For more Questions CLICK THE LINKS BELOW

Share your experience or give any suggestion... in comments

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

when your website needs to be redesign

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Hello Everyone..
website redesign, website, web designer, M2software Solutions,

At M2Software Solutions our expert web designers know when your website needs to be redesign.

Here are some reasons when your website should be redesign

Reasons for redesign your website

1. Current design is outdated :

we found this most common reason to redesign a website. By the look of the website users instantly know that the website is up to that or not. A Websites with broken images, difficult to read content and old or outdated layout often supposed that the website old and will have outdated content or nothing valuable to offer.

2. To add some new Functions : 

websites Often redesign to add some new functionality like blog, E-commerces  and some major features.

3. To improve usability :

when your visitors can't find what they are looking for then they will leave your website and may be they will not come back for a long time. then you will definitely need a user-friendly website to interact  with your visitors.

4. Hard to keep Up-To-Date :


If you determine that it is hard to keep up-to-date your website then you need to redesign your website because visitors love updated sites.
                              Hire a web developer to install a CMS (content management system) so that you can update the site yourself. or if you need to complete redesign then create a new website that will allow you for easy updating.

5. To Make It Mobile Friendly :

Now a days a large amount of INTERNET has shift to mobile devices. To have a mobile friendly website is very necessary for every online creating a mobile friendly website you will be assure to reach larger audience.

6. Take long time to load :

people doesn't wait for a long time on the web to load the page.If your website takes long time to load then yo need to redesign the site.

There are some reasons we have found to redesign a website. If you have more please share with us.. in comments

Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

larger audience

Monday, 25 August 2014

Attributes of good web designers For Web Design Company

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web design company, web designer,

For working in any WEB DESIGN COMPANY Every  web designer should have some attributes

Here are some attributes that every web designer must have.

 Must have attributes for a good web designer.


1. Creative :


 a good web designer should be creative and capable to produce new and innovative ideas. they should be "able to paint the expectations of client".

2. Aware of Audience : 

They should be able to know "Who is Our targeted audience for a particular product or a service".and design the web according to them.

3. Problem solving skills :

A good web designer should have rapid problem solving skills. whenever any issue comes in design they "should be able to produce a solution immediately".

4. Good communication and listening : 

They should have good communication and listening to know "what a client is expecting". They should be able to engage in meaningful conversations with clients to ensure both parties are in agreement of the work that is being done.

5. A team Player : 

A good designer must have the capability to "work with anyone involved in the design process".

6. Vision : 

A good designer should have a great sense of vision. They should understand what client is asking and should be "able to visualize the end result and set a clear goal".

These are some points i have found for web designers. if you have more then please share with us.... in comments.

Regards : M2Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



able to garner what a client is expecting.
able to garner what a client is expecting.
able to garner what a client is expecting.
able to garner what a client is expecting.
able to garner what a client is expecting.
able to garner what a client is expecting.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello Everyone..

As you know M2 Software Solutions is an web design company. here are some tips by M2Soft to make your website effective.

Does your website have these characteristics

1. Appearance : 

Your website should be professional, attractive and informative remember it is representing your company all around the globe.your website is first and only impression your potential customers have of your company.


A. Good use of color
B. text should be readable
C. Simplicity

2. Content :

 along with design ,Content should be relevant and informative. remember your potential users are looking for information which will be provided by content.


A. Short and descriptive
B. Fonts should be simple
C. Speak to your visitors ( Use the word "YOU")

3. Functionality :

 Every component of your website should work properly and correctly. broken or poorly framed component will frustrate your users. every function should work properly.

4. website Usability :

 Your website should be easy to use, navigations should be easily readable and visible, easy to understand.

Guidelines : 

A. Must be simple
B. Fast loading
C. structured data ( use of grid layout is a good technique)
D. descriptive link text

5. Search Engine Optimization:

 your website should be SEO-friendly. There are many guidelines to make a website SEo-friendly. Some of them are :

Guidelines :

A. Use a keyword in URL
B. Use of H1 tag
C. No broken links should be there

There are the things i found about website designing... if you have more Please share in comments

Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hello Everyone ...!!!

here is the answer-sheet for  Questions to improve PHP developer's skills

           Questions                               Answers

                    Que.1                                                 B
                    Que.2                                                 C
                    Que.3                                                 C
                    Que.4                                                 A
                    Que.5                                                 C
                    Que.6                                                 D
                    Que.7                                                 D
                    Que.8                                                 D
                    Que.9                                                 C
                    Que.10                                               A

 PHP Questions and Answers


Share your experience with us or give any suggestion... in comments

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!

As every Thursday i am back with a PHP test to improve the skills of PHP developers

 PHP Questions

Que.1 Which one of the following method is invoked when a value is assigned to an undefined property?


a) __get()
b) __set()
c) __isset()
d) __call()

Que.2 Which one of the following keywords is used to define an abstract class?


a) extends
b) implements
c) abstract
d) new

Que.3 When you’re uploading files you need to set the enctype of the form to ___.


a) text
b) text/file
c) multipart/form-data
d) multimedia/form-data

Que.4 Before you try to process the file, you need to make sure that your $err value is equivalent to ___.



Que.5 Once your application can generate administrative links, you need to load those links into ___.


a) php.ini
b) index.ini
c) index.php
d) start.php

Que.6 Your confirmation form submits your choice, via the ____ method, to ____.


a) GET index.php
b) GET admin.php
c) POST index.php
d) POST admin.php

Que.7Atleast how many abstract methods must an abstract class contain?


a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Five

Que.8  __clone() is run on the ___ object.


a) original
b) pseudo
c) external
d) copied

Que.9  Which function do you have to use to check whether the $path you’ve stored exists?


a) path_dir()
b) path()
c) is_dir()
d) path_dir()

Que.10 PHP provides built-in interceptor methods, which can intercept messages sent to undefined methods and properties. This is also known as ___.


a) overloading
b) overriding
c) overbending
d) overbinding

For More Questions CLICK HERE

Share your experience with us .. in comments

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Monday, 18 August 2014

A web design company cheaper than others Why?

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Hello Everyone..

Most of the people shop around before  choosing a web design company which is a good idea. But be aware if something is looking too good there are some probability to have something wrong..

Did you ever think that why a web design company is cheaper then others...

web design company,

There are some questions :

Does the web design company use template websites or do they build custom websites?

When looking at a web design company’s portfolio, keep a look out for sites that look an awful lot alike. If a web design company has a few websites in their portfolio that look nearly identical in design ask if they are template websites. Some web design companies make or purchase templates and use the same template and just change the wording or colors for all of their clients. Every business is different so using the same design for numerous businesses does not work and will lead to unhappy clients. If a web design company prices your website a lot cheaper than others they might be using a template to build your website rather than building you a fully customizable website to fit your business.

Is the web design company run by a recent college graduate or someone that is still in college?

A lot of people know someone that knows someone who went to school or is in school for web design, but would you really want them to build you a site right out of school? College Students and even recent graduates lack the experience necessary to produce top quality websites. It takes years of trial and error for web designers and programmers to be able to produce quality custom websites. After years of experience in the web industry the designers and programmers  have the capability to producing top of the line custom websites.

Does the web design company have a portfolio that shows their web experience?

Portfolios are a great point of reference to see what the web design company is capable of. Look through the web design portfolios and see what they have produced for other clients. Visit some or all of the websites built and check to make sure the programming and other website functions work properly. If you have time to dig a little deeper you might want to call some of the clients from their web design portfolio. Past clients should be able to tell you about their experience in dealing with the web design company and tell you if they would recommend the company. Has the web design company built a website similar in nature or in size? It is not the most important question to ask, but it can help you get an even better idea of what your website will be like.

Is the web design company providing you with a project scope?

Web design companies should provide new clients with a project scope. The project scope should a list of the items the web design company will provide you with and should outline what you are responsible for (payment, content etc.). This outline can be used as a reference during the building process of your website to avoid any miscommunication problems. Project scopes are a great way for you to be certain that you are getting everything you want and you have it in writing if there are any questions.
Project scopes are also good to have in the event you are trying to choose a web design company. While many web design companies will not provide a detailed scope before you agree to working with them, they should be able to provide you with some sort of a scope. It is hard to compare company A to company B if you are not provided with a scope because you don’t know exactly what it is you are comparing. 

Share your opinion with us.. in comments.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

M2Soft A Web Design Company

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M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


M2soft, web design company
M2Soft is a web design company located at Indore (India). At M2Soft you can get your desired Web Designs or any web solution. We have a team of great web designers and developers having experience of 3+ years. They can provide you a creative Websites with some innovative ideas.

Mission :

Our mission is to provide our customers a high quality web solutions to enhance their business growth all around the world.

Vision :

Our vision is to become a prime performer in by providing best web solutions in competitive market place.

Why us :

We have the best team of Experienced web designers and developers.
For us customer satisfaction is most important. Any website is not a project or a deal, we give our best to satisfy our customer. 

If you need any services regarding web feel free to contact us at :

Website       :
contact No. : +91 (731)-6525051
E- mail        :

Regards : M2Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Friday, 15 August 2014


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Hello Everyone..

As the web designing process is complicated one, choosing the right web design company is also very challenging. 

Here are some tips by M2 Software Solutions to choose right web design company

1) Basic Information : 

web design company

A. Portfolio : See the portfolio of the company for understanding the effectiveness of web designs the company have created.

B. Where Is The Office :

Be sure the company of your choice has a location and that you can meet with them if necessary. This will also help to prevent any type of fraud that could occur with a "company" that may be one person in their basement. 

C. Customer Service :

The way a company treats their clients is often a good example of the way their run their business and develop their products. Make sure you find a company that will take your calls (or at least return messages) and makes updates to your website in a timely fashion. 

D. Price

Of course what you want to know is how much should you pay for a website? This isn't the way I would go about asking this question, I'd ask it more like "What return will I get for what I invest into my website?"

2) Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions :

A. “Does the designer have experience working with websites with similar functionality to mine?”

B. “Does the designer often create a clean and intuitive navigation?”

C. “Are the websites in the designer’s portfolio still using the design?”

D. “Does the designer need to do branding work? If so, are they experienced with branding?”

E. “Does the designer need to work on your conversion rates? If so, are they qualified?”

F. “Does the designer offer testimonials/referrals that are easy to get in touch with?”

3) Warning: Don’t Say These 3 Phrases to Your Potential Designer

A. “This ought to be simple” or “I’d code it myself if I only had the time.”

B. “I want a website. How much will that set me back?”

Share Your views on this article.... In comments

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hello Everyone..

We have openings in our company.

vacancy for PHP developer, job vacancy, opnings for PHPJob Description

We are looking for 2 proficient PHP Developers. Ready to work Independently on the Project assigned. Candidates must posses Good Logical abilities.  


Role                  : PHP developer

Preference        : Knowledge of basic framework of PHP is mandatory.        
                               Working experience on E-commerce websites will be add-on.

NO. of vacancy   2

Location            : Indore

Experience       : 1 yr - 2.5 yrs

Salary               : No bar for deserving candidate

Contact           : Miss Ekta
Contact no.     : 0731-6525051
E-mail              : 


Apply Here      :

Address           :   325, 3rd Floor Orbit Mall
                             A B, Road Indore(M.P.)

Visit our website for company profile : m2soft solutions Pvt. Ltd
Regards : M2 Software solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!
Here are some questions to solve for PHP developers...

PHP developers interview questions, PHP best practices for web developers, Multiple choice questions for PHP,

PHP practice for WEB DEVELOPER

Que. 1 Say I want to change the extension of a PHP file, which of the following statements should I edit to change from .php to .html in the httpd.conf file?

a) AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
b) AddType application/x-httpd-php .asp
c) AddType application/x-httpd-asp .php
d) AddType application/x-httpd-asp .asp

Que. 2 __clone() is run on the ___ object.

a) original
b) pseudo
c) external
d) Copied 

Que. 3 Which one of the following statements should be used to disable just the fopen(), and file() functions?


a) disable_functions = fopen(),file()
b) disable_functions = fopen,file
c) functions_disable = fopen(),file()
d) functions_disable = fopen,file

Que.4 Before you can start processing images with PHP, you must first add the ability to upload images to your administrative form on ___.


a) .htaccess
c) index.php

d) admin.php

Que. 5 Which one of the following methods recuperates any memory consumed by a result set?


a) destroy()
b) remover()
c) alloc()
d) free()

Que. 6 To make the ImageHandler class portable you should create a separate file for it called ___.



Que.7 PHP Fatal error: Class IllegalCheckout may not inherit from final class

a) Value of the bill calculated
b) PHP Fatal error: Cannot find object
c) PHP Fatal error: Cannot override final method

Que.8 Which function do you have to use to check whether the $path you’ve stored exists?

a) path_dir()
b) path()
c) is_dir()
d) path_dir()

Que. 9 Which of the following methods is used to execute the statement after the parameters have been bound?

a) bind_param()
b) bind_result()
c) bound_param()
d) bound_result()

Que. 10 Which one of the following method is invoked when an undefined method is called by client code?

a) __get()
b) __isset()
c) __unset()
d) __call()

Want more Questions CLICK THE LINKS BELOW  :





Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Web design : Fonts for august 2014

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Hello everyone...

Font selection is a very important part in web designing

Here are some new fonts of august 2014 to make the font selection easy for web designers..

List of fonts for Aug 2014

1. Sinkin Sans (free)

2. Fira Mono (free)
3. Cooper Hewitt (free)
4. Roboto 2014 (free)
5. Swashington ($27 approx.)
6. Riga (from $50 approx.)
7. Peaches and Cream (from $18 approx.)
8. Libertad (from $17 approx.)
9. Choplin (from free)
10. Quire Sans (from free)
11. Rukola (from $18 approx.)
12. Orgon (from free)
13. Filson Pro (from $23 approx.)
14. Kiro (from $21 approx.)
15. Servus Slab (from $26 approx.)
16. True North (from $16 approx.)

You may also like..

Different  types of web design
Does every business need a responsive web design
Single page web design

10 Best website templates

which one do you like... tell us in comments.

Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Monday, 11 August 2014

M2Soft SEO Company : Free Seo tools

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Hello Friends ...!!!

M2 Software Solutions is a company also provides SEO services 

Here are some free SEO tools.. Preferred by M2soft..

seo, seo tools, seo services



1. Plagiarism Checker : 

 It is a tool for checking unique content of your article or blog posts. because google loves unique content.

2. Article Rewriter Pro :


 To check your article's duplicate content, because many websites like hubpages, ezine articles does not post your article if it is duplicate or copy paste.

3. Keyword Position :

It is a free tool to check your position in the top search engines for specific keywords to determine what is working, and what needs more work.

4. Free Ping Tool: Index New Content Quickly And Easily:

Enter your website or the direct link to the newest blog post. Select the category that best describes the nature of your website. Click “Ping Now”. Sit back and watch this amazing free ping tool do all the work for you!

5. Page Rank checker : 

Use page rank checker to check the rank of social bookmarking sites, forum posting sites and more to generate high quality backlinks.

6. Website broken link checker : 

Check your broken link and remove them by this tool to make your website SEO friendly.

7. Website Page Speed Checker :   

Use  website page speed checker to check the load time of your web page to reduce your website's bounce rate. because people hates the website takes time to load the web page.

8. Keyword density checker : 

Use Keyword density checker to avoid the over use of keywords.

Use these free tools and check the errors of your website... 


Share your experience with us..


Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!

Here is the answersheet of yesterday's test.. check and improve your skills by solving the questions..

Free PHP questions, PHP developer questions and answers, For Questions CLICK HERE

Answersheet for Questions For PHP Developers

    Questions                             Answers
      Que. 1                                  D
      Que. 2                                  A
      Que. 3                                  A
      Que. 4                                  A
      Que. 5                                  C
      Que. 6                                  A
      Que. 7                                  C
      Que. 8                                  B
      Que. 9                                  B
      Que. 10                                A

Check Your Skills by checking and solving the answers..



Share your experience with us... in comments.

Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello Friends...!!!

I am back with one more practice test for PHP DEVELOPER

Questions PHP, PHP practice test, interview Questions For PHP, Multiple choice questions

Questions For PHP Developers


1. Which one of the following is the right way of defining a function in PHP?

a) function { function body }
b) data type functionName(parameters) { function body }
c) functionName(parameters) { function body }
d) function fumctionName(parameters) { function body }

2) fgets() is used to read a file one line at a time

A) True
B) False

Que. 3 Which method is secured for securing data in PHP?

a) $_POST
b) $_GET
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

Que. 4 Study following steps and determine the correct order

(1)   Open a connection to MySql server
(2)   Execute the SQL query
(3)   Fetch the data from query
(4)   Select database
(5)   Close Connection
a. 1, 4, 2, 3, 5
b. 4, 1, 2, 3, 5
c. 1, 5, 4, 2, 1
d. 4, 1, 3, 2, 5

Que. 5 Variable scope on which a variable does not loose its value when the function exists and use that value if the function is called again is: 

a.  Local
b.  function parameter
c.  static
d.  None of above

Que. 6 What will be the output of the following PHP code ?

  1. <?php
  2. $a = 10;
  3. echo ++$a;
  4. echo $a++;
  5. echo $a;
  6. echo ++$a;
  7. ?>
a) 11111213
b) 11121213
c) 11111212
d) 11111112

Que. 7  Which function was introduced to help automate the inclusion of class files?

a) __load()
b) __preload()
c) __autoload()
d) __inload()

Que. 8 What will be the output of the following PHP code ?

  1. <?php
  2. define("GREETING", "PHP is a scripting language");
  3. echo $GREETING;
  4. ?>
b) no output
c) PHP is a scripting language

Que. 9 If a boolean variable $ alive= 5; 

a. $ alive is false
b. $ alive is true 
c. $ alive is overflow 
d. the statement is snot valid

Que. 10 How many times can you define __autoload in a process?

a) once
b) twice
c) thrice
d) as many times as needed

Answersheet of these Questions will be available tomorrow....


Want More Questions CLICK BELOW LINKS 






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