Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!
Today i am here with more then 200 PHP interview questions for PHP developers to improve their web development skills and prepare for interviews.
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 Que.1: Variable scope on which a variable does not loose its value when the function exists and use that value if the function is called again is:

A. Local
B. function parameter
C. static
D. None of above

Que.2 : When defining identifier in PHP you should remember that

A. Identifier are case sensitive. So $result is different than $ result
B. Identifiers can be any length
C. Both of above
D. None of above

Que.3 : mysql_connect( ) does not take following parameter

a. database host
b. user ID
c. password
d. database name

Que.4 : In php string data are

A. delimited by single quote
B. delimited by double quote
C. delimited by < << identifier
D. All of above

Que.5 : Which function includes the specified file even the statement evaluates to false in which block the function is placed.

A. include()
B. require()
C. both of above
D. None of above

Que.6 : The ___________ function can be used to compare two strings using a case-insensitive binary algorithm

A. strcmp()
B. stricmp()
C. strcasecmp()
D. stristr()

Que.7 : The left associative dot operator (.) is used in PHP for

A. multiplication
B. concatenation
C. separate object and its member
D. delimeter

Que.8 : Which of following are compound data type?

A. Array
B. Objects
C. Both
D. None of above

Que.9 : On failure of which statement the script execution stops displaying error/warning message?

A. include()
B. require()
C. both of above
D. None of above

Que.10 : PHP variables are

A. Multitype variables
B. Double type variables
C. Single type variable
D. Trible type variables

Answersheet of these Questions will be available Tomorrow
Want more Questions....??? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW

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