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Free WordPress plugins for November 2014

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In this article, i am here with a list of  some very best and useful free WordPress Plugins for you.

According to our technical experts research these are the best wordpress plugins for November 2014.

1. Suppamenu : 

If you have  bought a theme you really like, and it doesn’t support dropdowns. Then, Suppamenu is a great way to get them.

Suppamenu connects with WordPress’ default menu system and  provides impressive customization options Such as  Themes, jQuery animations, custom themes, menu icons… and the whole thing is responsive.

2. WP Options Editor :

This Plugin allows you to edit all wordpress options at one place, the way you might directly in the database. That means you have all kind of controls.

Note : Don’t install This Plugin unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Because but you could also potentially break your WordPress install.

3. cPanel E-Mail Manager :

you can use this plugin to connect your WordPress install to your server’s web mail if your host has cpanel.
   That doesn't mean you can read your emails from WordPress, but you can create and manage the web mail accounts for each user.

4. ElasticPress :

Basically this a plug,  ‘It’s designed to replace the default WordPress search function by integrating with a third-party API.

offers the following upgrades over the regular search engine, and a few more besides:
  • Relevant results
  • Autosuggest
  • Fuzzy matching (catch misspellings as well as ‘close’ queries)
  • Proximity and geographic queries
  • Search metadata
  • Search taxonomies
  • Facets
  • Search all sites on a multisite install
5. Slash Edit :

This plugin allows you to get from the front-end of your site to a post or page editing screen that much faster. If you’re browsing through your site, and you see something you’d like to change (maybe you made a typo), just add “/edit” to the end of the URL.
    That’s it. Just keep in mind that pretty permalinks have to be active to make it all work.

6. Nested Pages

It integrates with the existing page management screen, allows for drag ‘n’ drop sorting, of course, all the while preserving Quick Edit functionality. Install and go.

"Which one do you like the most"... Share with us Via Comments.

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