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Hello Friends ...!!!

Today i have seen a lot of mails in my inbox..

There was a complaint that i am taking a test of WEB DEVELOPMENT ( PHP test) on each Thursday and not taking a test of WEB DESIGN..

web designer, web design,

So on a huge demand here is a test of WEB DESIGN .. for WEB DESIGNER..


Que.1 What is Web Tracking

A The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.

B. Is the analysis of visitor behavior on a website 

C. A simple electronic connector consisting of a thin, stiff, bare wire intended to fit into a corresponding socket. 

D. Is a single character 

Que. 2 What is Cookie?

A. A data file written to a hard drive by some Web sites, contains information the site can use to track such things as passwords, login, registration or identification, user preferences, online shopping cart information, and lists of pages visited. 

B. Not losing information when power is interrupted. 

C. Coding used for internet language. 

D. Is the fastest type of computer 

Que.3 What is a crop tool


A. Cuts out background noise and highlights the image area you want to keep. 

B. Allows people to interact with a computer and computer-controlled devices.  

C. The software application that allows you to view Internet pages.  

D. Is text, numbers, sound, images, or video.  

Que. 4 What is Canvas

A. The computer receives data through an input device, processes the data, stores the data on a storage device, and produces output  

B. Is a unit of measurement of information storage.  

C. The area designated to your image.

D. A window you can open to adjust various aspects of your computer, such as the volume, fonts, desktop background, mouse speed, and clock.  

Que. 5  What are Constrain Proportions 

A. A key used to access commands through the keyboard rather than the menus.

B. Allows your image to contract or contain proportionately.  

C. Used in various online communications, such as e-mail messages or postings to newsgroups or BBSs. It is a communication that finishes the message.  

D. (Also called laptop computers) are small personal computers that contain the monitor with a built-in keyboard.  

Que. 6. What are Filters?

A. The unique address name for an Internet site.

B. To save a file onto your computer from another source, like the Internet.  
C. Allows you to manipulate an image or words to change the appearance.  

D. A common method of networking computers in a Local Area Network (LAN)  

Que.7 What is sharpen 

A. Increases the look of your photo with crispness. 

B. A computer network limited to the immediate area, usually the same building. 
C. Generally is used by small to medium-size companies and can support a few users or hundreds of users. Most are referred to as network servers or application servers. 

D. A software program that performs repetitive functions, such as indexing information on the Internet. 

Que.8 What is unsharp mask ?

A.  A Protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network  

B. An integrated collection of security measures designed to prevent unauthorized electronic access to a networked computer system.
C. Generally can fit into the palm of your hand.

D. Improve the clarity of scanned images without increasing resolution  

Que.9 What are Dimentions?


A. A measurement of how fast data is transmitted. It is usually used to describe modem speeds or the speed of a digital connection.  

B. Is a personal computer similar in size and thickness to a notepad.

C. Determines the size of your image  

D. A device for storing information in a fixed location within your computer.  

Que. 10 What is  Brightness/contrass?

A. Are aspects of color in the red, green, and blue (RGB) scheme. These terms are most often used in reference to the color of each pixel in a cathode ray tube (cathode ray tube) display.

B. The page on the Internet, which most often gives users access to the rest of the Web site. A site is a collection of pages.  

C. The name given to any computer directly connected to the Internet. Host computers are usually associated with running computer networks, online services, or bulletin  

D. A

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Solve the questions and share your experience with us in comments 

Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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