Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Web development questions ask in interview

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Hello friends....!!!


How are you...??

Most of my friends done Web development by using various technologies they are Genius but no one of them able to clear interview yet. I thought on various factors here I will provide list of questions ask mostly by web developers

off course these question i have collected from my friends ...

web development


Que. 1 Which programming languages are you best at and what’s good and bad about those specific languages?


Que. 2 What is the biggest problem you have faced on projects so far and how did you solve it?


Que. 3 Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?


Que. 4 How comfortable are you with writing HTML entirely by hand? 


Que. 5 What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?  


Que. 6 What sized websites have you worked on in the past?


Que. 7 What are a few personal web projects you've got going on?

Que. 8 What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Que. 9 What’s the last project you worked on and what was your responsibility?       

any one want to reply these questions will be invited for comments ...



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