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M2Soft tips for Single page WEB DESIGN

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Hello Friends...!!!

As you know WEB DESIGNING is a creative field.. we can not stuck to one

We have to invent new ideas.. everyday

Now a days single page websites are very popular..

So there are some tips from M2 Software Solutions to create beautiful WEB DESIGN

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1. Fixed Block Scrolling :

When you fit all website content is onto a single page you can break down each section into horizontal blocks. As the user scrolls vertically they pass by each section denoted through background colors, images, or even horizontal rule breaks. This idea can be expanded with forced scrolling sections.

2. Responsive Web Design :

Coupled with the importance of mobile support includes naturally responsive layouts. RWD isn’t a new concept, but the implementation is still in a growth & research phase. Designers are constantly playing around with new ideas for responsive web design. Portfolios are even more important because they represent your work quality and even some tidbits about yourself.

3. Animations & Effects

A bit of charm in your single page portfolio will capture more attention if done correctly. There is a limit where visitors will not put up with your outrageous animations – but a neat balance will give the effect of dynamic and creative design talents.

4.Hidden Sliding Navigation :

The topic of navigation seems a bit confusing on a single page website. Since a one page portfolio has no inner pages(or very few), the nav links create auto-scrolling behavior. So basically users will click a link and it scrolls down to that section of the page.

5. Clean Minimalism :

The simplest technique for creating a usable single page portfolio is clarity and minimalism. That doesn’t mean you should only stick to white colors and contrasting text. Instead just try to strip down the layout into absolute necessities. Once you’ve got a wireframe or mockup design then go back to add extra fancy icons or text effects.

Share your thoughts or if you have any suggestions with us in comments  ..


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Regards : M2Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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