Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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Web and mobile app developmentToday, Microsoft is launching Azure App, a new cloud-based service for developers. Azure is  a single service for  mobile and web applications development, combined with tools to automate business processes across cloud services, and a new service for building and consuming APIs. All of these services revolve around Microsoft’s oft- (and over-) used mantra of “mobile first, cloud first.”

All of the tools of this new package are not new. although Microsoft built App Service on top of existing tools like Azure Websites, Mobile app Services and Biztalk Services. Microsoft will migrate all existing Azure Websites users to the new package (for the same price).

Azure Mobile Services users will also migrate to the new service, but at a slower place because the move actually breaks a few existing API services (though Microsoft notes that it’ll be very easy for developers to make the necessary changes to port their applications over to the new service). For now, Azure Mobile Services and the mobile component of App Services will be available side-by-side, but over time. It’s unclear for how long Microsoft will support both services, though.

Microsoft director of the Azure Application Platform Omar Khan told :

“We believe that unifying this experience makes app development much simpler,” 

The interesting things of the two new services is probably the one for building what Microsoft calls “logic apps,” that is, applications that automate business processes across different hosted and on-premise APIs and services like Office 365,, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and databases from Oracle and SAP. Developers can combine these data sources using a visual drag-and-drop builder and then use the results in their own web and mobile applications.

Microsoft is targeting both developers who are looking to build line of business apps for enterprise clients and partners, as well as those who are building consumer-facing applications.

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