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Web Development Tools for Linux by M2soft

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Web development companyThere are numerous tools to develop a website . but for beginners and those  are less skilled in web development right software tools can make all the difference. Here is a review of best web development tools from Experts of M2Soft to use in Linux...

1. Aptana Studio :

Aptana Studio is a good alternative to Dreamweaver and many similar programs found on Windows. It provides  web developers with the real-world tools required to create from a static website to fully functional web apps.  It also provides GIT integration, integrated debugger and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby authoring tools.

2. Bluefish :

Bluefish is a advanced web development tool which provide you with a great set of organizational tools to keep your workflow moving forward. you move Bluefish into the standard bar, you instantly realize that this is a powerful editor. Bluefish offers great template action for HTML, PHP and Apache, you really come away feeling like it wasn’t a wasted download.


gEdit go along with the tasks of reading, printing and editing of texts, simply and easily. It is full features software with tools such as copy, cut, paste, undo and redo, settings fonts and colors. It has all the common features of text editors. This does'nt mean that Gedit is a basic editor, with several other features like Possessing highlight setting for various programming languages ​​such as C, C + +, Java, HTML, XML, Python, Perl, etc.



Sublime Text is a code editor that supports several languages ​​like  HTML5, CSS, PHP, ASP and Python, . The software has a very clean interface, and the black background of the screen does not bother reading anything. Two of the best features of it are :

1. Multiple Selections
2. Command Palette

These features allows you to access any menu item or let you open any document in just few key strokes.



Sass is a another method to write CSS.  we have more freedom to treat the styles applied concepts of OO programming With Sass. It uses the Ruby language to interpret their .scss files / .sass or compilers installed on your system (Mac, Windows, Linux) to transform .scss / .sass on. Css.

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