Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Custom SEO ServicesThere are two factors that plays Important role to optimize a website or blog posts.  These two factors are Onpage and Offpage optimization. Today’s article is all about  On page optimization.

Here are some On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On First Page of search engine.

On- Page SEO Techniques :

1. Keyword in Title
2. Keyword in Permalink
3. Keyword in first paragraph
4. Keyword in Image Alt tag
5. Tweaked Keyword in H2 or H3
6. Bold Important Keywords and related keywords
7. Italics 1-2 important Keywords
8. Outbound Link to relevant high-quality sites
9. Internal links to related articles
10. Remove all stop words from Permalink
11. Add multi-media (Video, Slides, Inforgraphic)
12. Longer the content length, better it is. Minimum: 700 words
13. Reduce Page loading time

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Other things:

1. Use Meta title,  less than 65 character
2. Use Meta description, less than 150 characters.
3. If using any Social SEO plugin, make sure to add image for Facebook, Twitter. (Take advantage of social graph)
4. Make sure to have social sharing buttons at the end of post or floating social sharing buttons.
5. Have related posts after blog posts to lower down bounce rate. 

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Things not to do: 


1.Not more than 1 H1 tag (Your Post title is H1 tag)
2. Don’t repeat H2 and H3 Tag
3. Don’t increase Keyword density by more than 1.25%

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