Friday, 3 April 2015

Zend Framework 3 announced

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Zend Framework is the leading enterprise-grade web application development framework used by a broad set of companies. Zend Announced The next-generation PHP-based application framework that is Zend Framework 3 for web and mobile applications.

With Zend Framework 2, we have been able to speed up the development and maintenance of our best web PHP applications, Our development team relies on Zend Framework to deliver practical, rock solid web applications. Zend Framework 3 is forward-thinking, astonishing and, in short, it reinvents the framework.

The new Zend Framework 3 is focused on simplicity, reusability and performance. It will offer a "use-at-will" architecture by delivering components for independent consumption by developers. The new framework design will make it easier for beginners to become proficient with the technology while still providing enterprise-grade features for more advanced developers.

Zend Framework 3 Highlights and Capabilities:

  • Separate components divided into individual and version projects for broader reuse and higher velocity of innovation ("use-at-will" architecture)
  • Strong emphasis on HTTP messages, leveraging the PSR-7 specification
  • A new modern middleware-based runtime as a lighter weight, high-performance alternative to enterprise MVC frameworks
  • Apigility, Zend's API Builder, will be delivered on top of the new middleware stack for better performance and simplicity, with the same streamlined, powerful user experience
  • Optimization for PHP 7, while still supporting PHP 5.5 and up

Zend Framework 3 will be available in Q3 2015.  

For additional information about Zend Framework 3, please check out the Zend Framework website –  click here.

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