Wednesday, 1 April 2015

key factors of website success

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Web Development companyThe success of website is crucial to achieve the goals of the business and the end-user. A website should make a great first impression and should provide a great reason for the visitor to come back.

Factors of successful web designs :

1. An Appealing Design : 

A stunning website design ties content and technology together to deliver a powerful message.

2. Quality Content : 

People visit your site to view content, so providing worthwhile content is one of the most fundamental issues that website owners need to address.

3. Usability :  
Navigation and usability of your website needs to be almost intuitive to the user. Visitors will quickly leave your site unless it is easy to find key information quickly and easily.
4. Accessibility :  
People have a variety of ways to  access the web. ur site needs to be usable on any of the platforms that people are likely to access either it is smart phones, tablets or web.
5. A Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Site :  
Simply having a website is no longer enough. You need to actively build traffic by promoting your site. There's several ways of doing this such as Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per click advertising
6. Regular Website Updates :  
With the continuing trend towards social media and social networking your customers expect to see fresh and up-to-date information. A well designed website is all about keeping the web pages fresh and current.


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