Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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Link building has been a subject of controversy for the past few months, as comments from Google’s own John Mueller and evidence from the latest round of the Penguin update have called into question the overall legitimacy of link building as an SEO strategy. 

So there are some Fundamentals of SEO more important then link building : 

1. Mobile Optimization :

First, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. After Google’s recent “Mobilegeddon” update, there’s now no excuse for having a site that isn’t mobile-compatible. Hopefully, your site is responsive, which will allow it to be viewed consistently no matter what type of device is used to access it. 

2. Site Navigation: 

Google rewards sites that make it easy for users to find what they want, whether that’s information, a service, or a particular product. Optimize your navigation so it’s easy to find any page.

3. Full, Informative Content : 

Every page of your site needs to have a full section of descriptive, accurate content. On your home page, users should be able to immediately tell what your business is.

4. Regular Ongoing Content :

Without an ongoing content strategy program to support it, an external link building campaign is practically useless. Every business needs to be developing and publishing least one new piece of content every week—the more the better. This content needs to be wholly original, informative, and useful for its target audience.

5. A Social Media Presence : 

By a social media presence, I don’t mean a stagnant or token presence on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re going to get social, you need to get involved. Claim your business’s profile on as many social media platforms as you can, and post regularly on those platforms.

6. Shareable Syndication : 

In addition to the content you produce onsite, you’ll also need to make sure you’re syndicating shareable pieces—these can be materials you host on-site, such as extended written posts or infographics, or they can be off-site materials like YouTube videos. The key here is to make sure your content is shareable by making it some combination of original, informative, entertaining, practical, and surprising. If you can get one of your pieces circulating in the social world, you’ll generate heaps of brand recognition and Google will reward you accordingly.

7. Brand Mentions : 

Google looks at mentions of your brand name throughout the web in a way similar to how it used to view links pointing back to your domain. Brand mentions carry little to no risk of penalty, and pass authority based on the type of source that holds the brand mention and the context of the brand mention—for example, if you are being referred to as an authority, the authority will be higher. Make sure you have a strong brand mention strategy before delving into link building.

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