Saturday, 16 May 2015

Last few months have been quite good for WhatsApp. The Facebook owned company has been in limelight much more than ever before, for all the right reasons – they launched a desktop client, they launched voice calling feature on Android, then they brought it to other platforms like iOS and BB10, and most recently they launched a beta version  of WhatsApp on their official website with Material Design makeover. But as you know, it was a beta app made available only for testing purposes.

But finally the wait is over. WhatsApp Team has officially rolled out a new version of its app via Play Store, which finally makes WhatsApp with Material Design UI available to all Android users who use the service on a Lollipop based smartphone.

While new version released in Play Store (2.12.87) isn’t radically different in terms of UI from the beta version (2.12.38), it fixes several annoyances that were associated with the beta app. For example:

1. The default wallpaper has been updated to a decent one. It looks calmer and better to the eyes, and it also sits nicely with the overall new design of app.

2. The calling interface has been materialized completely.

3. UI of search bar has also been cleaned up.

4. Gingerbread icons that used to appear in More menu have finally been replaced, and so on…

If these small changes are kept aside, no other major change has been done to the app. Functionality remains almost same as that of beta app and you can still find all the options in same place. Major new additions done to the app are given below:

A. The very first thing that you’ll notice in new app is a whole lot of new icons, animations and a colorful emoji tray. For example, there’s an animation when you click on an image inside the app or try to share it. Attachment icons have also been made bigger and more colorful with this update. 
B. Second thing that you’ll notice after updating the app is its task bar. Calls bar, Chats and Contacts all have been merged together to create this dark green bar, which sits atop everything else inside the app. 
C. But the biggest and most visible change affects calling feature. In beta app a slightly more pronounced bright green WhatsApp Call bar used to appear below the name of caller. That is no longer the case. New app has been designed with company’s trademark dark green color in the background and focus has remained mainly on highlighting the name of caller with bigger font. To do so company decided to trash that bright green WhatsApp Call bar too. You can see the change below. On the left it’s old design and on the right it’s new material design :
WhatsApp Material DesignWhatsApp Material Design

There are several other subtle changes as well, but overall this new app looks great. Update it now and do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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