Monday, 13 July 2015

As a SEO company we know how to rank a blog or a website higher in the search engines. 
Here are some tips from our experts to rank a blog on the first page of search engine: 

1. Blog design : 

Make your blog attractive, responsive and easy to navigate. If you’re not a designer then use themes (available over the internet).

2. Page Speed : 

your blog page Should be light so that it loads faster. Remember nobody waits more then 10 to 15 seconds. if your page is not loading, he/she is having more options on internet.

Improve your blog page speed by:

1. Remove Extra Widgets
2. Enable browser caching
3. Use light Images
4. Remove extra plugins
5. Don't use Flashy content

3. Use Keywords in URL of post : 

Use keyword in URL of your Blog post. It helps to rank the blog post higher on search engines. Ex. :  the topic of blog post is “On-Page SEO” :          : Bad for onpage SEO 


2. for onpage SEO

4. Optimize headings

Use : 

H1 heading for title
H2 heading for your post
H3 headings within your posts

5. Drop your keywords in frst 100 words

Use of  keywords in first 100-150 words of your post or article allows Search Engines to know that the page is about the keyword.

6. Optimize Images :

Another good step for On-Page optimization is Optimize images… Proper Dimensions, Add Alt Text  to images to describe or explain your image. This allows search engines  to understand what this image is about.

PRO Tip: try to keep image names like Keyword.jpg, Keyword.png In order to rank your blog images in Image search. Do Not use names like image1.jpg, image2.png or like that.

7. Easy Skimming

Follow all the rules:

a. use small paragraphs
b. Use a font that users can easily understand
c. Use Bold or Italics  to draw the visitor’s attention.
d. Use sections, headings, tables, charts, lists, etc.

8. Internal linking :

In each post, Interlink the posts that are related to your current post’s keywords. 

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