Monday, 27 July 2015

1. Stop looking for Source codes, templates, snippets.

Lots of people waste too much time to get source codes of this and that here and there. Actually they loose the focus on becoming a coder.

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To naturally improve your skills, take some time and focus on how to code your own code. you will a definite improvement in short time.

It doesn't mean that you will never use third party software, you will. But when you use it you should be able to know and understand what you are using. Otherwise it's like you are swimming in an ocean of source codes without actually having one in your head. So every time you need the same code you go through the same process starting by googling, finding the right resource(if it exists again), how did you manage to use it previously, etc.

Solving problems should become an habit in you, not a string of tedious and cyclic tasks. Just take some little moment and focus on what exactly is in the code how can I also code like the way gurus do.

2. Turn off your social media notifications, or never log in

This is a very important thing to do when you need to focus in this new world. Social media can cost you the whole day. Notifications, messages, comments, likes, followers, etc are things that drag your attention in deep waste of time. Though they are fun, or even help you make new clients and opportunities. Consider this as a charity action to yourself for a week. Turn them off or lower and be less social.

3. Look for simple and practical tutorials on PHP

List what you don't know yet and need to know to put your knowledge in line, and make it straight.
Look for some simple and practical tutorials on those topics. Usually take some 2 or 3 tutorials from different website on the same topic. Check the most popular tutorials on the topics. Compare them, and make sure to combine what you learn from each one.

4. Follow some famous people or groups

There are some icons in the field. Use them as your TV channels to have news and updates. By following them it's an opportunity to see what people have been doing with the language. That way you are giving some vim to your mind so that it doesn't limit itself to little things. People like Josh LockhartPhil SturgeonTaylor Otwell, etc.

look for some cool forums to join. That will help ask any question at any time and get fast answers. Since it's a forum, many people will react to your problems which gives you the chance to have a correct and valid answer. This forums can also help you make new friends who aspire at coding like you.
Check out following forums:Dev Network Developer ShedPHP freaksCoding Forums, etc. Just google for more of them.

5. Read about good practices

This is important in putting your knowledge in clear. Sometimes you wonder what are things or levels in PHP. What is higher than what? What is the latest thing to learn? In which order to learn? etc. These are questions that usually disturb.

You can start by looking at php the right way, then go to the PHP manual to lean each step. After that you can have a look at the PHP-FIG (PHP Framework Interop Group) to learn how to write clean code.

6. Create a real(your dream) project,like a blog, an e-commerce website, etc.

At this level you need to close your eyes and do some little things on your own. Try yourself with the PHP CRUD tutorial.
Now Give yourself an assignment. Choose any application/website you dream of creating for long time. Take it from the start to the end. Every time you have an issue review your tutorials or ask a question on one of the forums you joined. Never leave something behind. Complete each step at any coast.
Usually, creating such projects will take you through all main steps of creating a PHP application. That will also help you to discover and follow your own workflow what will help you to know how to handle an entire project from the beginning to the end. It will also develop in your the spirit of endeavor.
From there you can go back to php the right way and see what are other levels you can reach. It's really a great reference in terms of how to organize your learning curve.

7. Try teaching someone all you've learnt

I usually say: Helping helps. After all this you should be able to transmit what your know to someone else. But you may not even know what you actually know. The best way to make that clear is to try. Look for a friend, try to give him a clean tutorial on how to create the application you just did. You can also decide to give him back what you learnt from the tutorials you used on yourself.
And if you can't find a friend to try on, you can try to give a tutorial on PHPOcean. We have an entire audience waiting for you. Since our philosophy is to help all programmers of all levels to improve their skills through teaching and practices. After all you will necessary learn, because people will give you a feedback on your tutorial; so the learning continues.
With that you will have a clear idea on what you know and what you don't know. You will discover your levels of understanding of each concept. And obviously you will take considerable decisions which are how to fix your lacuna.

8. Make a self-review and keep the habit

After that, take some few hours to review your performance during this training. How fast do you learn, what were the traps and difficulties you faced, and how could you get rid of them so that you will have more clear mind to learn? What tools and resources could you need for your next round on that, etc, and grade your performance.

Make a grid of all this metrics and get it clear for your next learning schedule.

Regards : M2Soft


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