Thursday, 9 July 2015

Google Search Results, Ads Showing Up on Yahoo

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As we all know yahoo was depends on bing (Microsoft-owned) for the search results, But now It is confirmed that yahoo is testing using Google search results. something that’s allowed under its recently renegotiated deal with Microsoft.
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Some paid as well as organic search results of Google were spotted on Yahoo this . The CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer
confirmed that It was a test and also confirmed that Yahoo is now free to enhance the search experience using the platform they want.

Yahoo appears to be exercising that freedom as some searches are still triggering results from Bing, while others are triggering results from Google. Thanks to an amendment to the search partnership between itself and Microsoft earlier this year.

In addition, if Yahoo and Microsoft decide, the renewed agreement can also be ended as on 1st October 2015. The decision will be taking after seeing the result of the Google’s search results.

If you are still confused about it, then we should tell you that:

“Yahoo displays its own search result almost all the time, but can now also use the results from other search engines like Google the giant.”

Neither Google nor Yahoo have discussed the terms of their partnership, other than to confirm there is some kind of an arrangement in place.

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