Wednesday, 20 August 2014

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As every Thursday i am back with a PHP test to improve the skills of PHP developers

 PHP Questions

Que.1 Which one of the following method is invoked when a value is assigned to an undefined property?


a) __get()
b) __set()
c) __isset()
d) __call()

Que.2 Which one of the following keywords is used to define an abstract class?


a) extends
b) implements
c) abstract
d) new

Que.3 When you’re uploading files you need to set the enctype of the form to ___.


a) text
b) text/file
c) multipart/form-data
d) multimedia/form-data

Que.4 Before you try to process the file, you need to make sure that your $err value is equivalent to ___.



Que.5 Once your application can generate administrative links, you need to load those links into ___.


a) php.ini
b) index.ini
c) index.php
d) start.php

Que.6 Your confirmation form submits your choice, via the ____ method, to ____.


a) GET index.php
b) GET admin.php
c) POST index.php
d) POST admin.php

Que.7Atleast how many abstract methods must an abstract class contain?


a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Five

Que.8  __clone() is run on the ___ object.


a) original
b) pseudo
c) external
d) copied

Que.9  Which function do you have to use to check whether the $path you’ve stored exists?


a) path_dir()
b) path()
c) is_dir()
d) path_dir()

Que.10 PHP provides built-in interceptor methods, which can intercept messages sent to undefined methods and properties. This is also known as ___.


a) overloading
b) overriding
c) overbending
d) overbinding

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