Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello Everyone..

As you know M2 Software Solutions is an web design company. here are some tips by M2Soft to make your website effective.

Does your website have these characteristics

1. Appearance : 

Your website should be professional, attractive and informative remember it is representing your company all around the globe.your website is first and only impression your potential customers have of your company.


A. Good use of color
B. text should be readable
C. Simplicity

2. Content :

 along with design ,Content should be relevant and informative. remember your potential users are looking for information which will be provided by content.


A. Short and descriptive
B. Fonts should be simple
C. Speak to your visitors ( Use the word "YOU")

3. Functionality :

 Every component of your website should work properly and correctly. broken or poorly framed component will frustrate your users. every function should work properly.

4. website Usability :

 Your website should be easy to use, navigations should be easily readable and visible, easy to understand.

Guidelines : 

A. Must be simple
B. Fast loading
C. structured data ( use of grid layout is a good technique)
D. descriptive link text

5. Search Engine Optimization:

 your website should be SEO-friendly. There are many guidelines to make a website SEo-friendly. Some of them are :

Guidelines :

A. Use a keyword in URL
B. Use of H1 tag
C. No broken links should be there

There are the things i found about website designing... if you have more Please share in comments

Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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