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Does every business need a RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN

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Hello Everyone 


Today I am here with a question.. Does very business need a RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN

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 Responsive web design is the in-thing now a days. Not only that as the mobile traffic is rising on mobile phones as well as tablets, businesses are finding it extremely important to accommodate the user experience for people browsing website using smaller screens. i have seen some  businesses in which 50% or more of the total traffic of the total traffic coming on their website through mobile devices.


Case for Mobile Responsive Web Design

  • 62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales - Econsultancy
  • 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring- MarginMedia.
  • 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially- uberflip.

Devices:There are several ways to serve website to a user on mobile

  • Serve the user the same website that people get on the desktop computers
  • Serve a separate mobile website
  • Serve the same website, but make it gracefully adjust to the size of the screen- mobile responsive design

         What if your website does not have many mobile visitors? Do you still need a responsive web design?


              In this post, I will try and explain the scenarios in which you won’t need a responsive design.

1. Your Analytics Says Otherwise 

If your analytics says that there is a significant traffic on your website through mobile devices then only you will need to think about Responsive web design.
Now, what if you don’t see much traffic there? 

It could be that the audience you are targeting do not use mobile devices much to use your website.

 2. Responsive Design is Not the Future 

Back in the days when Flash was gaining popularity, people used to say it’s the future. Now where does it stand?
Even Adobe, the makers of flash, has discontinued development of that technology. With HTML 5 functionalities, flash really doesn’t have a business case.
Now think of responsive web design. While it’s a design thinking and not a technology like flash, it’s still not the future of web design.
The future is ever evolving and continuously changing. Websites need to adapt to the changing user demands.
Can responsive design deliver 5 years from now? Maybe, maybe not.

3. You Don’t Care About SEO 

For some businesses SEO is the key. For others, not so much.
While not having a responsive design won’t affect SEO, having a separate mobile website vs a responsive design can have SEO implications.
Even if you have a separate mobile website, chances are the content will most likely be the same with some stripped down elements. Unless you take care of proper canonicalization, you can run into duplicate content issues and might cause your search engine traffic to drop.

4. You Have a Global Use Case for Your Brand

The need for responsive web design/mobile website comes when the user experience on the desktop computer as compared to a tablet or mobile phone is different.
Assume you have a movie ticket booking website. When people use desktops for booking tickets, chances are they are looking to book for a movie they have already planned to watch.
Now take the case of a user using his mobile. They could be looking for recommendations on the fly or theaters near to their location. Here the intend is different and requires content that helps them take action faster.
If you have different set of use cases for your website, it makes sense to have a mobile responsive design. If not, stick to the plain old desktop version.

5. Ad Revenue Matters- a Lot!

If your main source of income is Ad Revenues, you might want to re-think mobile responsive design.
Usually Ads get placed on the sidebars, and with responsive design, the sidebar gets pushed to the bottom of the content. This will lead to less eyeballs on the ads as compared to their full-fledged counterparts.
Unless you can come up with a responsive layout that will not affect your ad revenue, go with the responsive web design.

6. Budget Constrains

Let’s face it. Responsive design, even though good, is complex.
The more complex the project, the more the designer is going to charge you for (unless of course, you can trike an amazing deal with them).
Not only does responsive design require a higher skill set, it also increases development time, testing time (testing across different screen sizes and resolution), and additional overheads.

Now What do you think... share with us in comments..


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Waiting for your reply..


Regards : M2 Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 


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