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A web design company cheaper than others Why?

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Hello Everyone..

Most of the people shop around before  choosing a web design company which is a good idea. But be aware if something is looking too good there are some probability to have something wrong..

Did you ever think that why a web design company is cheaper then others...

web design company,

There are some questions :

Does the web design company use template websites or do they build custom websites?

When looking at a web design company’s portfolio, keep a look out for sites that look an awful lot alike. If a web design company has a few websites in their portfolio that look nearly identical in design ask if they are template websites. Some web design companies make or purchase templates and use the same template and just change the wording or colors for all of their clients. Every business is different so using the same design for numerous businesses does not work and will lead to unhappy clients. If a web design company prices your website a lot cheaper than others they might be using a template to build your website rather than building you a fully customizable website to fit your business.

Is the web design company run by a recent college graduate or someone that is still in college?

A lot of people know someone that knows someone who went to school or is in school for web design, but would you really want them to build you a site right out of school? College Students and even recent graduates lack the experience necessary to produce top quality websites. It takes years of trial and error for web designers and programmers to be able to produce quality custom websites. After years of experience in the web industry the designers and programmers  have the capability to producing top of the line custom websites.

Does the web design company have a portfolio that shows their web experience?

Portfolios are a great point of reference to see what the web design company is capable of. Look through the web design portfolios and see what they have produced for other clients. Visit some or all of the websites built and check to make sure the programming and other website functions work properly. If you have time to dig a little deeper you might want to call some of the clients from their web design portfolio. Past clients should be able to tell you about their experience in dealing with the web design company and tell you if they would recommend the company. Has the web design company built a website similar in nature or in size? It is not the most important question to ask, but it can help you get an even better idea of what your website will be like.

Is the web design company providing you with a project scope?

Web design companies should provide new clients with a project scope. The project scope should a list of the items the web design company will provide you with and should outline what you are responsible for (payment, content etc.). This outline can be used as a reference during the building process of your website to avoid any miscommunication problems. Project scopes are a great way for you to be certain that you are getting everything you want and you have it in writing if there are any questions.
Project scopes are also good to have in the event you are trying to choose a web design company. While many web design companies will not provide a detailed scope before you agree to working with them, they should be able to provide you with some sort of a scope. It is hard to compare company A to company B if you are not provided with a scope because you don’t know exactly what it is you are comparing. 

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