Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!
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Today i am here with more then 200 Quetions for PHP developers to improve their web development skills and prepare for interviews.
 Questions :

Que.1 When defining identifier in PHP you should remember that 
a.  Identifier are case sensitive. So $result is different than $ result 
b.  Identifiers can be any length 
c.  Both of above 
d.  None of above
Que.2 mysql_connect( ) does not take following parameter
a.       database host
b.      user ID
c.       password
d.      database name 
Que.3 How would you start a session?

a. session(start);
b. session();
c. session_start();
d. begin_session();

Que.4  For integer data type PHP 6 introduced 
a.      8 bit integer value
b.      16 bit integer value 
c.       32 bit integer value 
d.      64 bit integer value
Que.5 Which of the following functions require the allow-url-fopen must be enabled?
a.  include() 
b.  require() 
c.  both of above 
d.  None of above
Que.6 Variable scope on which a variable does not loose its value when the function exists and use that value if the function is called again is:
a.  Local 
b.  function parameter 
c.  static 
d.  None of above
Que.7  Variables/functions in PHP don't work directly with:

a. echo()
b. isset()
c. print()
d. All of the above
Que.8  Identify the variable scope that is not supported by PHP
a.  Local variables 
b.  Function parameters 
c.  Hidden variables 
d.  Global variables
Que.8  which of the following is a correct declaration?

a. static $varb = array(1,'val',3);
b. static $varb = 1+(2*90);
c. static $varb = sqrt(81);
d. static $varb = new Object;
Que.9 Which of the following variables is not related to file uploads?

a. max_file_size
b. max_execution_time
c. post_max_size
d. max_input_time

Que.10 Which of the following is used to maintain the value of a variable over different pages?

a. static
b. global
c. session_register
d. None of the above


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