Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Best PHP web development tools

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Hello Everyone...!!!

Today i am here with some of our favorite PHP Web Development tools.

Here they are :

1. PHP Debugbar :

PHP debugbar is similar to FirePHP, But it does not require FireBug and It is quite easy  to get up and running.  Honorable mention to Monolog, which lets you send your PHP debug information anywhere you can imagine, though it is quite a bit more complex.

2. Mink : 

It is a PHP library which allows you to test your web apps interacts with browser properly. It gives you giving you a more accurate testing environment by removing  the API differences between the two types of browser emulators.

3. Sublime Text :

It is a cross-platform text and source code editor, with a Python application programming interface (API). You can do multiple columns/rows/windows per project, multiple cursor placement, custom key-bindings for everything, and much more.

4. Faker :

It is a handy and well-written PHP class full of fake data for you to use — names, addresses, Lorem Ipsum—the works.

5. SlimStarter : 

SlimStarter is a bootstrap application built with Slim Framework in MVC architecture, with Laravel’s Eloquent as database provider (Model) and Twig as template engine (View). Additional package is Sentry as authentication provider and Slim-facade which provide easy access to underlying Slim API with static interface like Laravel syntax (built based on Laravel’s Facade).

Please add your favorite tools also in this list.... Via Cimments.

Regards : Web Development Company


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