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To become a good web developer and get select in a good website development company it is necessary to solve interview questions. By solving interview questions your web development skills will be improved.
So here are more then 100 Multiple choice interview questions of PHP for PHP developers to improve Web Development skills.
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PHP interview questions

Que.1 How many functions does PHP offer for searching and modifying strings using Perl-compatible regular expressions.

a) 7
b) 8
c) 9
d) 10

Que.2 Given a comma-separated list of values in a string, which function from the given list can create an array of each individual value with a single call?
A) strstr()
B) Cannot be done with a single function
C) extract()
D) explode()

Que.3 Which one of the following filter is used to filter several variables with the same or different filters?

a) filter_var_array()
b) filter_var()
c) filter_input
d) filter_input_array

Que.4 Which of the following functions can be used to determine the integrity of a string?

A) md5()
B) sha1()
C) str_rot13()
D) crypt()

Que.5 Which one of the following functions can be used to concatenate array elements to form a single delimited string?

a) explode()
b) implode()
c) concat()
d) concatenate()

Que.6 Which one of the following does not describe a validating filter?

a) Are used to allow or disallow specified characters in a string
b) Are used to validate user input
c) Strict format rules
d) Returns the expected type on success or FALSE on failure

Que.7 The ___________ function can be used to compare two strings using a case-insensitive binary algorithm

A) strcmp()
B) stricmp()
C) strcasecmp()
D) stristr()

Que.8 Which one of the following filter checks if variable of specified type exists?

a) filter_has_var
b) filter_var
c) filter_id
d) filter_var_array

Que.9 Which of the following functions can be used to convert the binary data stored in a string into its hexadecimal representation?

A) encode_hex()
B) pack()
C) hex2bin()
D) bin2hex()
E) printf()

Que.10 Given a variable $email containing the string, which of the following statements would extract the string
A) substr($email, strpos($email, "@"));
B) strstr($email, "@");
C) strchr($email, "@");
D) substr($email, strpos($email, "@")+1);

Answersheet of these Questions will be available Tomorrow

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