Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!

Here are more then 150 PHP Interview Questions with Answers for PHP developers to solve and improve their web development skills and work in Top web development company.

First of all here is the answers for yesterday's PHP test...
For Questions CLICK HERE : PHP interview Questions 


                        Question                                      Answer
                            Que.1                                              B

                            Que.2                                              D

                            Que.3                                              A

                            Que.4                                              A

                            Que.5                                              B

                            Que.6                                              A

                            Que.7                                              C

                            Que.8                                              A

                            Que.9                                              B

                            Que.1                                              A

Want more Questions....??? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW





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