Tuesday, 6 January 2015

custom web design company

Hello Everyone...!!!

Your Websites is the very first impression you give to a new potential client. A website is critical piece of your overall marketing plan. So your website should have some things mentioned in below points. Here we go..

e-commerce Web design

1. Is it immediately clear what your business offers?

2. Is it overwhelming or easy to navigate?

3. Is the text easy to read on a computer as well as a mobile device?

4. Can visitors quickly locate your contact information and address?

5. Are your office hours clearly posted?

6. Are your logos and photos attractive, clear and crisp?

7. Does your text over-inform or inspire the reader to call or visit for more information?

8. Is your shopping cart process secure, straightforward and un-complicated? Purchase a product from the site yourself to be certain.

9. Is your web address easy to type, spell and remember? You can get a new domain name (or several) without changing your website design.

10. Do you have a way to collect the information of all your visitors? Don't miss out on visitors who will be future clients.

11. Are your happy customers increasing your credibility? Make sure you include testimonials and endorsements.

12. If you're using social media as a strategic tool to drive traffic, make sure that your social media presence compliments your website and overall brand.

14. Keep records on your renewal dates so you never let your domain or hosting expire.

We think that a e-commerce website must have these things. If you can add some more things apart from these.... Please share it Via Comments.

Regards : Custom Web Design Company


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