Thursday, 1 January 2015

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Many web developers are trying to get a break in website development company works on PHP. But To become a good PHP developer It is necessary to improve your PHP web development skills. To improve web development skills Here are More 150 Multiple choice interview questions of PHP to solve. Have a look....

PHP Interview Questions : 

Que.1 How do we submit from data Without a submit button ?
A. Using header() function
B. Using Javascript
C. Using fdf_set_submit_form_action() fucntion
D. Both a and b above

Que.2 Which function in PHP returns a list of responce headers sent (or reply to sent)

A. header()
B. headers_list()
C. header_sent()
D. header_send()

Que.3 Can you generate DLL files From PHP Scripts like you can in perl ?

A. No
B. Yes

Que.4 In PHP Language variables are case sensative ?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Depends on website
D. Depends on server

Que.5 Which of the following functions require the allow-url-fopen must be enabled?
a. include()
b. require()
c. both of above
d. None of above

Que.6 Which of the following differences are valid between PHP 4 and PHP 5 ?

A. Built-in native support for SQLite
B. Both a and c
C. improved MySQL support
D. Support for inheritance

Que.7 The filesize() function returns the file size in ___.

A. bits
B. Bytes
C. kilobytes
D. Gigabytes

Que.8 What is the default value of the directive max_file_limit?

A. 10 files
B. 15 files
C. 20 files
D. 25 files

Que.9 How can i run COM object from remote server ? 

A. like we run local objects
B. pass the IP of the remote machine as first parameter to the COM constructor.
C. pass the IP of the remote machine as second parameter to the COM constructor.
D. Both a and c above

Que.10 Which one of the following function outputs the contents of a string variable to the specified resource?

a) filewrite()
b) fwrite()
c) filewrites()
d) fwrites()

Answers :
Que.1 A & B , Que.2 B, Que.3 A, Que.4 A, Que.5 C, Que.6 C, Que.7 B, Que.8 C, Que.9 A & C, Que.10

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