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If you are searching for PHP multiple choice interview questions? you are at the right place. There are more then 200 questions to improve your web development skills and prepare for interviews......

PHP Interview Questions :

Que.1 Which of those is not magic method? 

A __autoload
B __clone
C __sleep
D __toint

Que.2 What in_array() function does in PHP ?
Check whether array is declared
Checks if a value exists in an array
Both a and b
None of them

Que.3 What function creates a cookie?  

A create_cookie()
B set_cookie()
C setcookie()
D None of the above

Que.4 What function split an array into chunks?  

A array_chunk()
B array_split()
C array_split_chunk
D array_chunks()

Que.5 Which types of form elements can be excluded from the HTTP request?

A. text, radio, and check box

B. text, submit, and hidden
C. submit and hidden
D. radio and check box 

Que.6  What is input sanitization? 

A Secure user input
B Converting input into a format that PHP supports
C Removing or cleaning potentially malicious user input.
D All of the above

Que.7 Why must you call session_start() prior to any output?

A. Because it is easy to forget if not placed at the top of your scripts.

B. Because you can no longer access the session data store after there has been
C. Because session_start() sets some HTTP headers.
D. Because calling session_start() causes the HTTP headers to be sent.

Que.8 Static properties cannot be initialized using

A expressions
B literal
C constant
DAll of the above

Que.9  which of the following characters are taken care of by htmlspecialchars?

a. <

b. single quote
c. double quote

d. All of the above

Que.10 If property of class is declare using var then PHP5 will treat the property as? 

A Protected
B Private
C Public
D Final

Answers :

Que.1           B and C
Que.2           C
Que.3           B
Que.4           C
Que.5           A
Que.6           D
Que.7           A,B and E
Que.8           D
Que.9           D
Que.10         A 


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