Friday, 2 January 2015

Essential navigation trends for 2015

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Hello Everyone...!!!

As a Web designing company we know that "Navigations" are a very important part  for any website.Here are some latest and essential nevigation trends which will be an important factor in 2015....

1. The Navicon :


Since Responsive Web Design introduced, the web designers community were desperate for a solution to navigation. Packing everything into a navigation panel that sits off canvas, and moves in upon selecting the navicon was an attractive solution. and it seems to be continue as an essential trend for navigations.

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2. Full screen navigation : 


The next important trend is the use of full screen navigation menus. These menus are typically activated by a button or link of some type; quite frequently a navicon. The difference here is that instead of a small panel that slides out, the navigation takes over the entire screen. On mobile this feels normal, but on the desktop this is actually a new and interesting approach.

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3. Perfection of the super-sized menu :


The use of "super sized" or "Mega" menu systems are nothing new. What I do find interesting is the content placed inside of them. In my assessment of things designers have really put this new space to work in powerful ways.
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I have found these Navigation trends essential for 2015.. If you have more, Please Share with us in Comments.


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