Friday, 12 June 2015

jquert web development

As you all know jquery is a powerful tool which makes web design and development easier and smarter. and if you want to be smart developer you will have to move forward positively. You will find 1000’s of free jquery plugins available on internet but more than 50% of theme are outdated ( you don’t like or have already tried).

Lets have a look at  5 best free jquery plugins to make you a smart web designer or developer :

Full calendar is released under license. It is a most powerful and customizable free calendar plugin available for commercial use also. You can make your own style of calendar with this plugin.

Dropzone.js is a easy to use and customisze plugin.
It is a drag and drop file uploading plugin with image preview. This free jquery plugin makes our website more attractive and smart. All documentation is provided on their website which is easy to understand. Try dropzone.js and give your site the power of drag and drop file uploading.

drag and drop file upload

It is the best  free jquery plugin for sorting and filtering purpose. You can sort elements by ascending, descending and random order with nice css animation. MixItUp provides filtering as per your requirement and you can also choose layout. This plugin is good for ecommerce, portfolio etc.
jquery sorting and filtering plugin

Gridster.js provides nice drag and drop feature which can be used on various web application. Audience can resize and drag ‘n’ drop elements of the site and manage as per their preference.   Gridster is easy to use and customize and provides full documentation. Use gridster.js and give your web application more power.

jquery drag and drop layout plugin

Chart.js helps to visualize your data in six different types of chart. Based on HTML5 this plugin supports all modern browser including IE7/8 supports touch and hover both. Nice CSS3 animations are used to make library more attractive and it is also full responsive, your data can be shown nicely on all the devices. It can be used in different web application and hybrid mobile application.

chart.js free and opensource charing library

If you know more... Please add then Via comments.

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