Friday, 5 June 2015

Why SEO Does not work

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As you all know SEO works very well for different kinds of online business. It is a powerful tool for every online business. but sometimes it does not works because of some reasons. 
Here are some reasons for " Why SEO not work" : 
1. Not the right links:
Link building is not about building links, It is about building the right links. If the links are not right and not from trustworthy sources,then there are higher chances of  being neglected by the Google. Also those links that are emerged from the page that have no authority are overlooked by the search engine. Links that are nestled in one place i.e. in the right side bar or those that are not authentic will not be counted by Google either. 
2. Not the right content:
 Inaccurate content also causes problem in link building. Content should be evergreen and the visitors look for a piece of content that renders wide coverage of information under one singe roof. Also certain content does not match with the expectations of the searchers also are not interpreted by the search engines as on-topic etc. 
3. Not the right domain: 
 There might be some problem with the domain and one may not have the right domain. The domain might not be topic or content centric and are not as per the expectation of Google and searchers. Also many a times the search behavior is biased by the brand itself as there might be no brand affinity between the topic, that keyword and what is in the mind of the searcher. 
4. Accessibility or technical issues:
 On the final note there can be some accessibility or technical issues which lead to error in the page. As the content is not the displayed on page in the proper form and there will be some issue with the cache; all these will create problem with link building.

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