Thursday, 11 June 2015

Whenever we think about analytics, there is only one name features at the top, that is Google Analytics. It is powerful tool to measure user traffic on a website and also determine the conversion rates. It gives you an insight on how users are using your website, what kind of content is bringing them back and how much time they are spending on the site.

But, Analytics is a complicated process and most of the users have the least idea on how to use google analytics effectively to harness maximum benefits. 

Here are some of the features and possible uses of Google Analytics to retrieve maximum relevant data through it :

1.  Benchmarking reports

This report is highly relevant report for analyze how your site is performing in comparison to your competitors in the industry. This report evaluates the metrics and infers whether all your channels are performing as per industry standards or not. These channels are email, organic search, social etc. With yhe help of it you can  point out the areas where your site is lagging behind in comparison, so that you can work on them and try to improve them.

2.  Tracking Events

Google analytics tracks some events on its own, but there are some events which are done by us. Event tracking is a tool which helps tracks events or user actions which are not recorded by URL change for example  the number of clicks on the download button, clicks on links, emails or social media links.  Event tracking goes a long way in detecting user behaviour with respect to your site’s content like the number of downloads or the number of people who played a file on your site.

3.  Using Demographic and Interest report

This is a feature of Google analytics which has been around for many years, But is still hardly used. This Report tells you about the target audience which your site is getting like age, gender and key areas of interest.This is some valuable piece of information which can help you to plan your content, which is more suitable to your target audience.

4.  Creating Multiple views

Most users open just a single view in Google Analytics, this however is un-advisable as it could cause inaccurate data or data loss. A user should create at least two views in Google Analytics, namely the unfiltered view and the test view. The unfiltered view the raw data is displayed without applying any filters and the test view is displayed by filtering the raw data.

5.  Integrating with the Google Webmaster Account

It is totally possible to integrate your Google Analytics account with the Google Webmaster Account. This helps users to see search queries and optimize their sites with specific keywords. These search queries also tell you which pages of your site appeared more often in search results.

6.  The Mobile User Traffic

The numbers of smart phone internet users are ever growing and form a substantial part today. It would be a mistake to ignore them. There is a report in Google Analytics which allows you to track the percentage of mobile internet users. This report helps users to optimize their sites according to mobile phones.

7.  Analytics notification

Your Google Analytics tracking code, account configuration are evaluated by Google to find out any possible tracking code related issues or faults. Google reports such issues through analytics notifications. A user should resolve these reported issues as soon as possible to ensure data efficiency of Google Analytics. For example, if you have not turned on the demographic and interest report then Google will notify you to turn it on.

8.  Site search report

This is a report of Google Analytics which tells about what users have searched for in the site search box. This can help identify specific keywords and the desired information which users are seeking on your site. This will be your guidance towards creating content which the users want to read.

Google Analytics is a smart tool for tracking and analysing user data and behavioural patterns, but it needs to be used keeping in mind the above methods to derive accurate results. These results shall help you plan your future strategy for improving your site and its content.

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