Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Each website's structure is followed by a header, middle section, and footer. Users now expect it and appreciate the consistency. But in some cases footer is a bit tricky if a page does not have a considerable measure of content.

Most commonly, we need a footer that 'stick' to the bottom of a page and not the bottom of a browser, that footer is also called a 'sticky footer'. If your web page has a very little content and footer is not stick to the bottom then the site looks irritating. 

Setting the footer at absolute bottom of a site page has been an issue for a long time, but I will reveal to you a complete HTML and CSS full solution.

Many website's footer displays in the middle of the page, which is never where we want a footer. Sure, we could strap the footer to the bottom of the window, but a footer that moves with the page is almost as annoying. So, how can we push a footer to the bottom of a page for both pages with a lot of content and those with little content. It's easy with a simple little trick that all browsers since IE 6 understand.

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We could have used JavaScript to push the footer down to the bottom of the page, but why use JavaScript when CSS will do? The last important note is that some footers are bigger than other, which means you might have to modify the footer's height in order to have a footer that you like.I hope this example really helpfull as much as me  ,  and that your "sticky footer" problem is solved now.

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