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Things You Can Do Only on Android

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Android (Google) and iOS (Apple) are two major operating systems of Mobile Application Development. In many ways iOS is starting to resemble like Android, with like extensions and third-party keyboards, while Android is looking to close the gap on iOS in terms of design with the new Material Design philosophy.
But still There are some things you can do on android only.

Things You Can Do Only on Android
1. Smarten up your home screen :

 How customisable a latter is, it is one of the big difference between ios and android. You can install a launcher that replaces your home screen, and there are a number of different reasons to do this too. An app like NOVA Launcher lets you customise almost all the elements of your home screen, such as the size of the grid, the number of icons in the dock, adding widgets to the dock and much more.

2. Automate everything :

On the iPhone, you can install IFTTT and automate some of the functions on your phone. It's pretty neat but limited. If you want to do more though, then you should check out Android apps like Tasker and Llama. Tasker  (paid app), Llama (free) - both are powerful automation tools. You can set up a geofence to turn your phone's Wi-Fi on when you're near your home or office, and keep it off the rest of the time to conserve battery. And you could disable the password when your phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi, for easy access, but re-enable it when you're outdoors, so your phone is never unlocked when you're not at home. Give it access to your calendar and you can have it keep quiet in meetings, and using your location it can automatically go silent when you're inside a cinema hall.

3. Make calls easier :
Calling someone from an iPhone still means either searching through your contacts, or dialling a number from memory. Android phone makers usually put their own diallers which have different features, but you can also turn to apps like Dialer+ and Ready contact list to add functionality. With Dialer+, for example, you get a T9 dialer so you can use the same keypad to either enter a contact's name or phone number, and it searches your contacts and shows matches while you dial.

4.  Download Torrents :

There are a lot of different legal torrents available, through which you can download software or free media. Downloading these torrents on an iPhone isn't possible though - you'll have to use a workaround such as using a webapp or Dropbox to trigger your desktop torrent software via a 'watch' folder. If you're an Android user though, the download can take place right on your phone, with the official BitTorrent App on Google Play. The popular movie torrent service Popcorn Time is also available for Android users.

 5.  Manage files :
With iOS 8, Apple introduced iCloud Drive, that lets apps share files with each other. But there's still no way to browse the files stored on your local device. On Android, using the default file manager can be fairly confusing, but thanks to apps like ES File Explorer you can find everything with a simple swipe. ES File Explorer is our favourite file management app, and aside from the basic functions of browsing and editing the contents of your storage, it also lets you see all the media or documents in one place, making it easy to keep track of your data.

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