Sunday, 19 October 2014

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 Mobile app development company in indore

As you all know mobile application development is a big industry today. In this industry since android OS comes in existence it had revolutionised Smartphone market as well as the Tablet PC segment. Android app development has taken huge leaps in app programming arena.

But the reality of app market is most of the mobile applications fails after a period of time. and when they fails it shows that something is wrong.

Ideally an mobile application should have these ingredients for success.

1. A great Idea : 

Unless You have a great and unique idea on which you are confident enough to experiment with don't go into to process of mobile app development. Making some changes in competitor's app and releasing will not be successful today as people has unlimited choices.

2. Robust Programming Codes : 

Once you have a great idea, the next step is to deploy the best resources you have in hand to develop an app (expert programmers and software tools). The programming codes should not be in the hand of  inexperienced panel that suffer the end product.

3. A free version :

Do not develop an app to make money from all possible ways. If you release a New app in Premium version then only a few People bye it. because 90% people never pay for newly releases premium apps. unless they does not see what it does for free. So it is essential that you offer a free version that is either ad-supported or a trial version that has limited yet convincing features of the actual app.

4. Ad-free Version :

Maintaining an ad-free version of your app is a good idea Because you can charge a download for free.  Chances of People  will invest in the premium Ad-Free version are very good when people find that your app is perfect to use from its free version that is ad-supported

5. Consistency : 

Make sure that your mobile applications does not suffers from common consistency issues. Ideally you should have a list of devices in mind they would most probably deployed by consumers and ensure that no freezes or crashes does not occur in your application when it reach in hands of end-users.

6. Specific utilities : 

It is better to create an app that focuses specifically on a single utility then doing 10 things on an average performance basis. provide a single functionality but as perfect as possible.

7. Design and Interface :

Now a days people are looking for apps which are great in looks and solid in performance so if your app has great functionality and utility but have a shady look it may loose out. for the success of your app design and interface plays an important role.

8. Usability :

Having a great design is one thing and people can find out their way throughout the app is another dimention. keep kin mind lesser the clicks better will be the usability. Users should never be left to think for too long before they find the option they need to use in your app.

9. Choice of platform :

This really depends on the market share that various Smartphone OS’s have at the moment. Whether you choose Native Apps development platforms or modern platforms like HTML 5, make sure your app has cross platform compatibility and that too consistently.

10. Branding and marketing :

A catchy name, a witty tagline and an imposing icon are essential for making the app arrive with a bang in the numerous app stores available today.

Let me know " What do you think about this article".. please share your opinions in comments ...

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