Friday, 17 October 2014

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mobile application development in indore

Android applications are a major part of Mobile Application Development. You can't just start writing android apps  if you don't know java. First you learn the language(java) then after alot of practice you start to catch on to the grammar(syntax) and start to make connections and form sentences. Finally you start to see the big picture of the language and with time your able to write with some sense of style so you can finally write android apps.

Today i am here with the resources for Learning Java for Android....

Resources for Learning Java for Android

1. Programming Methodology- Stanford

 mobile application development in indore 

If your new to Java or development in general this is a priceless web to learn from. Mehran Sahami puts real work into his lessons and does all he can to make java more interesting than it really is.

2. MobileTutsPlus-Learning Java For Android

mobile application development in indore

If you have development experience in another language and just need a crash course in the java for android this is the tutorial series for you.

3.The Java Trails-A Reliable Foundation

mobile application development in indore

Java trails aim to be the master resource for learning java by oracle(the company that owns java) Thinking back what really stuck to me from these tutorials was a overall understanding of OOP.

4.Head First Java :

 mobile application development in indore

Head first is a unique book series that accounts for the way the human brain learns best. The books are easy to read and packed with humor, pictures and analogy's that make sense to those of us who don't think in 1's and 0's naturally.

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