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Useful Xcode Features to Simplify iOS App Development

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There are many small but highly useful features in xcode. But sometimes either we are not aware of them or may not be using those features at its optimum level.

In this article we will see 6 useful features of xcode which we can use during ios application development.

1. FIXME :

FIXME tag is used to remind yourself of things that you need to fix back again at some later stage.

2. TODO :

TODO tag is used to remind yourself of things that you need to get back to at some point. It is found at the top of the source file within the main comment block to remind us of features that need to update or add. Here you can see that.

3.  #Warning :

I#Warning  is used when you want to differentiate code into two category. One is for experiment and another is actual. For example.

If we change 0(zero) to 1(one). Than warning is automatically removed as shown below.

4. po

PO command is useful at debug time.Normally, to print the value of a variable we have to move mouse pointer there and click on it and select print description print value of it. This is sometimes not programming friendly. With po command, this can be done easily and quickly.

5. Code snippets :

Well formatted code is vital for any complex application. So it is easy for other iOS developer to understand the code For this we will have to organize code in a standard format. But to organize code of larger applications, it will take some time. Xcode provides a functionality called snippets library. With the use of it we can organize code easily.

Xcode provides Code Snippets Library section where you can find all default code snippets provided by it. We can also create our custom code snippets as per our need.

6. Find your File

To find file Quickly in a project press cmd + shift + o.
Open Quickly window will open. Write just name of your file that you are looking for and then press Enter. It will redirect you on that file.

These are the things that might be very useful in coding if you are iOS developer.

Now Let me know "what do you think about this article"... share with us in COMMENTS..

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