Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!

Here is the answer-sheet and many more questions for PHP developers by which they can check and improve their web development skills.

For Questions CLICK HERE : PHP Multiple choice questions


                                 Questions based on in-built functions

                                Que.1                                                A

                                Que.2                                                D

                                Que.3                                                C

                                Que.4                                                A

                                Que.5                                                B

                                      Questions based on Object Tools

                                Que.1                                                B

                                Que.2                                                B

                                Que.3                                                D

                                Que.4                                                D

                                Que.5                                                A

                                      Questions based on operators

                                Que.1                                                A

                                Que.2                                                B

                                Que.3                                                A

                                Que.4                                                A

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