Friday, 3 October 2014

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Having a contact us form is vital for any online business website in this competitive market place. but how to make it user-friendly?..

How to design user-friendly web forms

1. Keep Pages Short :

If you have long forms then you divide it up into page sections so that it seems less. it removes the need of a lot of scrolling up and down.
                 How do you add a page? In the Form Builder, click the “Add Section” button, and then select “Page” from the available section types. You can then drag and drop the questions to the correct page.

2. Minimize Mouse Usage :

While typing, it is easy to use tab key to move from one field to another but many users do not know this. Eliminating the need to grab the mouse and click around.for them.
     A date field is a perfect example. We instinctively want to add separate fields for the month, day and year, perhaps in the hope of preventing typos and improving the quality of the collected data. The opposite is actually more likely. Since it’s slower to enter a date this way, respondents are more inclined to select the first values to save time: January 1st. It’s usually worth letting users type in the necessary information in a single text field instead. In the Form Builder, you can add a popup calendar to date fields to provide another way to enter a date.

3. Avoid Multiple Columns :

When using paper, we have limited space and so to make full use of each sheet of paper, we use multiple columns.With a web form however, we do not have these constraints. Multiple columns actually slow down the process of filling out a form since users are moving their eyes and mouse from one side of the screen to the other.

4. Place Labels Close to Fields :

Another simple way to help your users is to place the labels directly above the fields rather than to the side.  Notice that in the left image below, the eyes follow a straight line down the left side of the page with labels on top but not with the image on the right.

5.Hide Until Necessary

You may have some items that are needed for some respondents but are not for others. You can use what is called conditional questions to only show those items when needed. This option can be found in the Advanced Properties of the section in the Form Builder.

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