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Mobile app's design is most important part in Mobile Application Development. Design means the form and function of your app and how your customers will navigate through it. A great design is a sure way that a customer have your app in his/her phone.

Lets Have a look at some resources by which you can create great designs for your Mobile Apps.

1. Pttrns : 

A library of 2900+ iphone and ipad user-interface patterns. Use it as a design inspiration from some of the best apps out there. Of course, you can adapt the designs for Android apps as well.

2. TETHR :

It is a iOS design kit for completely free by InVision that offers 8 Photoshop document files and 138 templates with over 250 components that you can incorporate in your designs.

3. Android App Parrerns :

Android App patterns Specific to the Android OS, this website offers design inspiration with more than 1,600 screenshots of beautifully designed and functional apps across 31 categories.

4. Unsplash :

Finding good quality stock photographs to use in your app or its associated microsite can be a challenge, and there are costs associated with them. Unsplash is a great resource to find high-resolution photos free of copyrights that you can use the way you like.

5. iOS fonts :

iOS fonts features a listing of default iOS fonts in one place with a total of 260 faces for iPhone and iPad. You can type the text in the preview box and see the result of how it appears.

6. App Icon Template : 

It is a free Photoshop resource that helps you create app icons for iOS, OS X and Android apps on the go. This tool has built-in textures and colors and it automatically renders out all the various sizes of icons required on Android and iOS.

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