Monday, 20 October 2014

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mobile application development in indore

Today i am here with one of the most important thing of mobile application development that is tools to develop mobile applications. You cannot build a mobile app in isolation using just the native developer kit. It requires that you have the right tools to deliver efficiently on every aspect of its life cycle.

Tools For Building Mobile Apps : 

This tool allows you complete user flow and navigation with interactive elements such as gestures and touch events to create a full mobile app experience without codind.

InVision : 

yet again a tool allows you to create fully interactive apps prototype and also allows you to interact with your team members through a collaborative framework.

POP : 

If you start with sketching on notpad, this tool transform your sketch ideas into a prototype. you can import your sketch into an app by taking a picture.

Amazon A/B testing :

It is a free,scalable tool for creating and running in-app experiments.Check out "Air Patriots' case studty" on how it improved its retention using the Amazon tool.

Heatmaps :

This tool highlights the hottest areas on your mobile app, and allows you to track gestures, device orientation, user flows (navigation) and engagement.

6. Parse :

You may have seen parse recently in facebook. One of the most popular apps using Parse is Instagram. It gives you a great deal of flexibility along with a very easy to use iOS and Android developer kit that automatically takes care of synchronizing your app’s data with its cloud database.

Which tools do you recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.


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