Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hello Everyone...!!!
Today i am here with the answer-sheet of yesterday's test that is "PHP interview questions to solve" for PHP Developers.. check your skills and prepare for interviews...
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There are more then 150 Questions with answer-sheets for PHP developers to inprove their web development skills using PHP. 
For Questions CLICK HERE : PHP Interview Questions to Solve

Que.1                                         D
Que.2                                         B
Que.3                                         D
Que.4                                         D
Que.5                                         A

         Website security using PHP

Que.1                                         A
Que.2                                         C
Que.3                                         B
Que.4                                         A
Que.5                                         C

            File system and PHP

Que.1                                       B
Que.2                                       C
Que.3                                       A
Que.4                                       B
Que.5                                       A

Want more Questions....??? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW

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