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How to make SEO friendly websites

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There are many examples of websites that are visually stunning and well developed but failed to make online presence.Because “Build it, and user will come” is not the way things work online. Creating a SEOFriendly Website is necessary.

How to create SEO Friendly website


1. SEO Friendly Url :

Search engines use automated process (known as spiders) to index the websites. url of website must be meaningful to the search engines to make sure your content makes sense to these spiders, starting with your URL structure.

2. Optimise tags :

Keywords are an integral part of any SEO . If you fail to include relevant keywords in your content, Google may never find it. Include your keywords in your posts and pages in the following areas:

1.Page titles tag

2.Headings tag

3.The main body of your copy

4. Your URLs Image filenames

3. Image Optimisation :

People often concentrate too much on text content when working on SEO, but forget about their images. Use alt tag to optimise images. search engines can not read image formats. using alt tag enable search engines to read it.

4. XML sitemap :

An XML sitemap isn’t the same as the HTML sitemap we see on some sites that can help readers with navigation.An XML sitemap is a structured list of URLs intended for search engines, to help them find all your posts and pages and index them more easily.

5. Integrate social media :

Current indications are that the likes of Google and Bing now give far more importance to the authority of your site on social media. If your content is shared by more people, it is an indication that you have something of value to give your site visitors. So, add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages and urge visitors to share the content if they enjoyed reading it

I have found these Points to make a website SEO friendly. if you can add more please add it ...VIA COMMENTS

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  2. Really Informative blog. Thanks for all these SEO tips and tricks.


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